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How do I get my Partner into Golf?

How do I get my Partner into Golf?

Finding a playing partner can be tricky – and finding time to play while in a relationship can be just as hard. By making your romantic partner your golfing team-mate, you can kill two birds with one stone. But how can you pull this off?

Cocktails are the only way she can put up with his swing

Our Head Pro Andrew Agnoli reckons the main barriers to golfing joy are formed by the game’s stuffy image:

“Golf is not only seen by the public as a difficult sport to play, but an expensive one too. When you throw in the elitist, unfriendly image of the game, as well as the fact it’s perceived as a predominantly male sport, it can be quite intimidating for someone who’s never played golf to make a start.”

So, you need to find a golfing venue where your partner won’t be put off by the traditional characteristics of a golf club. Somewhere fun, fresh, funky…

“I suggest Topgolf - and definitely not because I’m hugely biased” – Andrew Angoli, PGA golfer and extremely honest man

It would seem (and who are we to argue with a veteran golf pro?) that a night out with Topgolf is the perfect gateway to the “proper” golfing world. Jokes aside, many of our guests have never swung a club before visiting us – but they still have a great time, thanks to our party atmosphere and fun, informal vibe. At what other golf venue would you find groups of guys and gals drinking and dancing on the tee-line? You’re about as likely to be intimidated at Topgolf as you would be at a day-care centre for puppies.

Yes, it’s a strawberry.

But we can do more than just make your date feel welcome; they can do that at any old dive bar. You can use us to make the night a bona fide occasion:

  • Step 1: Insist on dressing up. Yes, we’re a fun place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge their glamorous side.
  • Step 2: Arrive when the music is turned up (Friday-Saturday from 8pm).
  • Step 3: Order the hippest drinks possible. Fosters are for those bog-standard dive bars we mentioned – you’ll need to turn up the class to impress.. Apple Mojito, anyone?
  • Step 4: Snap a selfie out on the bays. We’re all floodlit up at night, which makes for a great image. They’ll be sharing with their mates and pretending they discovered Topgolf before you have the chance to protest.
  • Step 5: This one’s optional but well worth considering. If you want a guarantee of your partner associating golf with great times, book an event and take all your mutual mates along for the ride.

There is a sixth step. And it’s just as important as the five above. But it’s something you might have more than a little trouble with, such is the temptation to share your golfing wisdom. Let’s hand over to Andrew again:

My pet hate is seeing couples where one partner, usually the guy, is giving his other half a lecture every time she lines up to take a shot. Just let them get to grips with their own technique – the more tips you give, the more confused they’ll be, and that isn’t the best way to enjoy yourself at golf. Nobody likes being told what to do, especially after a martini or two!”

Your partner, after your swing advice doesn’t work

So there you have it. Dress up, get the get drinks in and let your partner swing away with gay abandon. It won’t be long before they’re asking you to join them in a round or two.

Topgolf Party Nights are from 7pm onwards on Friday and Saturday nights. Entry is free.  

*We reserve the right to request identification to determine age of guests.

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