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How to Play Office Topgolf

How to Play Office Topgolf

Let’s be honest; we all look for distractions in the office.

And if you can’t wait to take advantage of your Business Club Membership you can play Topgolf at work without anybody even noticing. And if they do, they’ll probably want to join in. Here’s what you need to play:

1) Paper (or teabags)

Loads of it. Yes, offices are electronic-based these days but it won’t take too much work to track some of that fine GSM down. We recommend raiding the stationary cupboard or if you’re desperate, an unattended printer.

Once you’ve got your hands on a few sheets, crumple them up into roughly spherical objects. These are your office golf balls, which you’ll be aiming at your “targets.” If you can’t safely filch any paper, simply throw the pens/biscuits of those you don’t like at the targets instead. Of course, they won’t work as well as our micro-chipped balls but sometimes we all have to compromise.

2) An object – that can hold other objects inside

The most obvious choice here is a bin. Failing that, a pen pot or even a mug or glass that nobody uses. Or one that everyone uses, and you need to keep nearby because it’s the only tea mug that hasn’t got a circular brown stain around the rim.

The most important thing about whatever object you choose is that you can throw your balls (aka your scrunched-up paper) into it without them bouncing out. The bigger the target, the further away you should place it from your tee i.e. where you sit. Ideally, you want to slowly build up to having as many targets as possible without anyone noticing you’ve built your very own mini-Topgolf range.

3) A scoring system

This is where you’ll need to get creative. If you have multiple targets, it’ll be necessary for you to score different points for landing your paper golf balls in each one. If you have one target, different points for bouncing off the sides and landing a clean “swish” shot straight down the middle.

After all, Topgolf is about more than simply landing in the target. Different zones reward different points and whether you’re playing on your own or with your office best friend, you’ll want to feel challenged as well as entertained. Coming up with the scoring system is can be as fun as actually playing the game.

4) Designated playing periods

This will also require some thought. Do you want as many people to notice your brilliant new office game and join in, or are you a solo Topgolfer?

If you’re the first to arrive at work, you can be a single player no problem. By the time everyone else has arrived, you’ll have started your day with a personal best score (no distractions in an empty office) or if you’re a competitive creature, warmed up sufficiently so you can smash them all in a multi-player game.

5) Food, drink and some friends

Of course, Topgolf is about more than the games; every visit should include a tasty bite to eat and perhaps a few drinks (embedded link to menu) in the company of friends/colleagues.

So, we suggest playing office Topgolf while you enjoy your lunch, and inviting your favourites to join you with a tea or coffee. Then there’s music; you (probably) won’t be able to have a live DJ spinning tunes under your desk but you could set Spotify to “party playlist.”

Of course, you could just wait for Friday afternoon office drinks – to give everyone a taste of Topgolf and get them out to the real thing afterwards.

Topgolf offer several distinct experiences for office workers. Join the Business Club for exclusive Topgolf offers, take part in Corporate Events, or come and attend one of our networking events.

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