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How to survive the World Cup if you hate Football

How to survive the World Cup if you hate Football

For many people the World Cup is the best six weeks every four years, for others, it’s torture having to endure weeks on end of EastEnders being disrupted and everyone talking about football. Here’s our guide to survive the next six weeks if you hate football.

1. Play Topgolf

Now, this is an obvious one, but what better way to avoid watching the football than to come and hit some balls with your friends? After six weeks, your swing will be Tiger-esque. And if your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t willing to socialise whilst the football’s on, Topgolf is the perfect compromise. We’ll be showing the matches, so they won’t miss out, but you’ll get to play our fun game, instead of watching one!

2. Get into Love Island.

If you’re not already watching Love Island (where have you been!?) it’s the perfect distraction from the football. It’s on every single day for 8 weeks. Love Island is the only thing that can rival the World Cup for small talk topics of conversation, so if you don’t like football it’s imperative that you start watching it.

3. Read our World Cup guide.

If you check out our World Cup guide, you’ll have more than enough knowledge to pretend you’re a football expert and join in with the small talk at work. If this isn’t enough, check out this handy World Cup survival quote generator it’ll get you through those awkward chats at the water cooler.

4. Learn how to mute words and Hashtags on Twitter.

Now here’s a handy tip. Twitter allows you to mute certain words, hashtags and phrases from your timeline, meaning you can avoid all the World Cup chat dominating your social media. Learn how to do that here. If only I could do this in real life.

5. Take advantage of all the World Cup deals.

You don’t have to like football to take advantage of the great World Cup offers that are going on at Topgolf. We’ll be running our great sports offers Monday – Thursday whilst the football’s on, but we won’t tell anyone if you get the deals and don’t watch the football!

The truth is, it’s pretty hard to avoid the World Cup completely, but use these steps and you’ll find it a little bit easier to survive the next 6 weeks!

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