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How to Watch NFL at Topgolf Like a True American

How to Watch NFL at Topgolf Like a True American

English football matches aren’t about fun; they’re about pain, suffering and (hopefully) overwhelming relief.

American football games on the other hand, aren’t about nerves, disappointment or indeed any serious sense of allegiance (at least not for us) . They’re about showbiz, baby. So grab your cowboy hat and head down to Topgolf this Saturday; it’s time to appreciate the NFL in the UK like a true American sports fan.

1) Pick a team

The sense of allegiance “soccer” fans feel doesn’t run as deep in American sport. There was outcry and protest in 2010 when Spurs Chairman, Daniel Levy, tried to move Tottenham Hotspur to East, rather than North London. The Oakland Raiders on the other hand, have just casually announced that they’ll be moving to Las Vegas (which is in an entirely different state) next season with zero threats of rioting.

“Who wants to go to Vegas?”

So don’t worry too much about knowledge and loyalty; if you don’t want to spend hours researching the ins and outs of every franchise, just pick whichever team sounds coolest.

2) Get the (craft) beers in

No more fizzy pints of cheap lager; American sports events are an official excuse to treat your taste buds to a flavour-packed party. So why say no to the chance of sinking a few crispy cans of cold brew?

Did you say “organic craft beer?”

Whether you’re a Brewdog Kingpin fan or prefer an exotic gulp of Lagunitas, we’ve a craft lager for everyone.

3) Obviously, you’ll be wanting something to soak up the craft lagers. And what’s the point of going full hipster on booze only to fall back into the stodgy comfort zone of a lukewarm pie?

“That pie does not look artisanal.”

Nachos, meatball subs and BBQ pulled pork sandwiches are just the headliners of our all-American hero dishes. If you fancy tasting something a little more adventurous, head south of the border for chicken or the Mexican burger; there’s a whole world of delicious, flavour-packed American cuisine for you to choose from on our menu.

4) Use the lingo

“Get in the hole” is perhaps the most infamous American sporting catchphrase – and one we’d like to hear on NFL Sunday at Topgolf.

Ninety percent chance that’s what he’s shouting

Of course, there are many others, from excessive whooping to “let’s go (insert animal-based team name)”. The fact is, American sports fans have a ball with not just their easy-to-use chants but their fandom as a whole. So come down and shout about it at Topgolf – and don’t forget to dress up.

5) Bring the whole gang

As we’ve mentioned, NFL fans are very different from English football fans, or football fans from anywhere in the world. Where “casuals” are the exception at football matches, the whole crew are welcome at NFL stadiums, where the match is as much about having a day out as seeing your team win.

They’re not even facing the right way
Future Music Festival 2013 by Eva Rinaldi is licensed by CC 2.0

So if the closest you’ve come to seeing an NFL game is watching “Blindside”, come down to Topgolf and feel free to experience a whole new sport - without having to worry about random fanatics questioning you on what size boots Tom Brady wears, or arguing about why the giant pads and helmets don’t make NFL softer than rugby.

Everyone’s welcome.

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