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North vs South

North vs South

Northerners and Southerners can never seem to agree on anything. Where does ‘the North’ start? What should you do when a stranger says good morning? What’s a reasonable price for a pint? The debate rages on…

As a Northerner living in the South, I’ve managed to experience both sides of the contentious coin. Let’s look at the following highly important and not at all subjective categories: accents, food, attire and entertainment.


There are so many regional dialects that make up ‘the North’ (not just the “You know nothing, Jon Snow” one). You’ve got the dulcet tones of Manchester, the ever-upbeat Geordie lingo and t’Yorkshire slang just to name a few. Everything just sounds a bit nicer in a Northern accent, doesn’t it? Or maybe it just seems that way because we’re always offering you a brew*…

*And don’t get me started on the right way to make a cuppa.

I’ll hold my hands up and say my experience of Southern accents isn’t as varied. Everyone’s a bit Danny Dyer or Prince Charles, there’s nothing in between.

As you were LG

ARGO-Konzerte,Beck's Park Stage,Konzert,Liam Gallagher,Livekonzert,Livemusik,Musik,RiP,Rock im Park 2017 by Stefan Brending is licensed by Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0 de


What should you put on top of chips? Right answer: gravy or curry sauce. Wrong answer: anything other than gravy or curry sauce. The traditionalists out there may say “what about vinegar?” but you haven’t lived until you’ve had some golden oven chips smothered in a thick gravy that just about pours. If you want to be extra, you could also add cheese on top of that delicious combo.

Recently, I’ve learned about “liquor” and I don’t mean the alcoholic kind. It’s a parsley-based sauce for pie and mash apparently. I think I’ll still be asking for gravy though…

What do you call these? Bap, bun, barm…


Everyone remember the “Beast from the East”? Us Northerners actually had to put on our big coat for the first time in a while! Whatever the weather outside is saying, a Northerner will not let a coat ruin their outfit, whether it’s for girls’ night out or a Saturday afternoon at St. James’ Park. I’ve noticed that Southerners take a much more climate-appropriate approach to their clothing choices…

Wearing a coat and hat in the snow? Definitely Southern

Bobble-hat-cold-frozen-outdoor-512160 is licensed by Pixabay


When I first moved down South, I asked my new colleagues what I should do over the weekend. “Topgolf” was the unanimous reply I got from the girls... A place with “golf” in the name definitely didn’t sound like somewhere I would find fun but I was so wrong! Now, every time I get a visitor from the North, I always take them to Topgolf; this includes my mum who beat me and now can’t wait to play again.

Overall, I’ve assimilated pretty well into Southern life; people rarely detect the Northern accent, I’ve had to let go of my chips and gravy takeaways and I now remember to take a coat when I leave the house. But it’s the unique, social hangouts, like Topgolf, that give the South a slight edge over the North. You can be rubbish (or great) at the game and it really doesn’t matter, you’ll have a great time anyway and your mum has a fairly good chance at beating you.

The Angel of the North in Gateshead by Nadia Wahab is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International
London Tower Bridge Monument is licensed by CC0 Creative Commons

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