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Rugby vs Football

Rugby vs Football

With both the FA Cup quarter finals and the culmination of the 2018 Six Nations taking place this weekend, it’s going to be wall-to-wall sports coverage at Topgolf; quite literally, we’ve got that many screens.

Usually, the beautiful game comes out on top against any other sport, but here are five reasons why you should mix things up and swap football for rugby this weekend.

1. “I don’t think we’ve met… I’m the referee”

It’s a well-known fact that rugby refs command (and receive) a lot more respect on the field than their footballing counterparts and we think this could be due to their witty put downs. Take the legend that is Welsh referee Nigel Owens for example; as well as being one of the world’s best, he’s also known for dishing out classic one-liners. Once, Nige managed to make England flanker, 6 foot 1 Chris Robshaw, probably feel about half his height in one fell swoop…Robshaw queried the position of a French player but when he wasn’t happy with the response from the ref, then tried to interject again. “Uhhh Christopher…” was the comeback from Owens in a tone resembling a ’disappointed but not angry‘ parent.

The man, the myth, the legend, Nigel Owens
Ulster rugby v Glasgow by Florian Christoph is licensed by by CC 2.0

2. Diving

Footballers are always under fire for diving (Dele Alli, we’re looking at you…) but there is a difference between earning your team a penalty and Olympic level, Tom Daley style diving. No football fan likes to see a player fool the ref with their dramatic falls. In rugby however, there’s nothing quite like seeing a giant-of-a-man complete a try with a swan dive. It’s even more funny if they mess it up.

Photographic proof that Dele Alli can in fact stay on his feet
Dele Alli playing for Spurs in 2017 by Dom Fellowes is licensed by by CC 2.0

3. Drama

We’ve already seen some incredible late drama in this year’s Six Nations to date. Ireland’s Championship could have been over in week one if it weren’t for Johnny Sexton. The clock was red and Ireland trailed by a point, the team went through phase after phase trying to force France to give away a penalty but after 41 attempts at progress, Sexton took things into his own hands and beautifully slotted in a drop goal from 40 metres out. Not quite as good as the drop goal from England number 10 in 2003 though…

Pressure? What pressure?
Johnny Sexton by Warwick Gastinger is licensed by CC 2.0

4. TMO (Television Match Official) vs VAR (Video Assistant Referee)

After several failed attempts at using VAR during the FA Cup this year, FIFA have decided to prematurely roll out the technology on to the world’s biggest international stage this summer. Prior to that though, VAR will be getting another run out during the FA Cup quarter finals this weekend but after the Spurs v Rochdale game last time around, we’ll take the rugby and a TMO any day of the week.

He’s been flagged off so VAR will probably take 10 minutes to conclusively prove he was 3 yards onside.
Offside is licensed by James West

5. Sportsmanship

Football, rugby, at the end of the day, it’s just a game, right? After the final whistle blows, we think a few footballers could do with leaving the post-game handbags alone and joining in with a rugby tradition; a guard of honour to applaud their opponents off the pitch. It’s nice to be nice!

Catch the final round of the Six Nations, featuring England v champions Ireland, live at Topgolf this Saturday (St. Patrick’s Day!) plus coverage of the FA Cup Quarter finals.

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