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Say Your Friendship Farewells With Us

Say Your Friendship Farewells With Us

Summer is a season for looking to the future but also celebrating the past and present. With A-level results having arrived for everybody this week, we’re all looking forward to fresh starts – and celebratory farewells.

From budding freshers to those about to embark on adventures in faraway lands, August signifies the start of a new, exciting chapters for all. So grab a club, a drink and of course, your friends; here’s why everybody should head to Topgolf for an end-of-era party.

1) It will help you prepare for embarrassing situations

Even the most confident of us suffer from self-doubt sometimes, which left unchecked, can stop you having the best time of your life. If you’re travelling to China, you should attempt Mandarin – even if you think the locals might laugh at your pronunciation. And if you’re off to Uni, you shouldn’t care about the fact you’ve left your smart shoes at home and are standing in a trendy bar with flip-flops on.

“How do you do, ladies?”

A man is wearing sandals… by Oddman47 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

So what better cure for embarrassment than taking a big ol’ swing-and-miss at Topgolf? Just like our guy in the clip above, you’ll realise straight away that social life post A-levels isn’t about being the Big Cheese, it’s about taking part and having a laugh – even if it’s at your own expense.

2) Strengthen your bonds

Whether you’re off back-packing to India for a year or just heading a couple of hours down the road to start a Sociology degree, you might not see your mates again until Christmas. The ties of friendship can be easily cut (or at least loosened) over time…

Don’t forget your buddies

But don’t fear, the memories you’ll form on your going-away bash at Topgolf will keep the friendship fires burning until you see each other next. By the time you’re packing your Uni gear up at the end of the first semester, you still won’t have stopped reminding each other of the night one of your pals made outlandish claims about their golfing prowess - only to score precisely zero points and finish last in the group.

3) We’re everyone’s favourite choice

Deciding on a venue for a get-together is always a nightmare. Club? Not everybody likes dancing. Restaurant? The night could be over at 9.30pm. Parent’s house? Too many restrictions for the wild ones...

“I don’t WANT to trawl through your Dad’s whisky cabinet”

Jeff Isom arguing with an umpire by RichardMcCoy is licensed under CC BY 2.0

At Topgolf, there’s something for everybody. We’ve got live DJs on Fridays and Saturdays, the freedom of your own bays, burgers, nachos and wings for days, and live sport screenings for anyone refusing to come out because they don’t want to miss the big match. The last thing you want on your final night out at home is for two or three unhappy faces to put a downer on the night; at Topgolf, everyone will have a smile on their face.

4) Get used to new experiences

We’ve all got a mate who is a little hesitant to try new things. At house parties they can usually be found feigning interest in the host’s CD collection because they’re too afraid to speak to anyone they don’t know, or perhaps even in the corner pretending to text their “other mates from on holiday” who you’ve never met before.

Don’t worry, he’ll get over it. Hopefully…

Well, do your friend a favour and get them trying new things before they get to Uni, so by the time they arrive in their new halls, they’re ready and raring to break out the beer pong and join the Hippy Society. If a night out at Topgolf doesn’t convince them that it’s good to sample new experiences, nothing will – and they’ll be left on their jack in freshers week with nothing but a family photo album and their old teddy to keep them company. Take them to Topgolf, and give them a taste for trying new things. It might even lead them joining the University golf team.

5) Everybody knows clubbing is much better at Uni; there’s no underagers sneaking through the back door and there’s people you actually want to run into, rather than the usual array of tagalongs you purposefully avoid speaking to. There might be nightclubs where you grew up but really and truly, they’re a poor man’s version of what you’ll experience in your new life away from home.

“STOP following me around the club, weirdo”

But Topgolf isn’t a nightclub and there’s nothing quite like us anywhere else. End your summer with us and every time you take your Topgolf membership card from your wallet, you’ll remember that your home town isn’t an inferior version of your new surroundings but a special, unique place where you made unforgettable memories with your closest friends.

Uni might be where you can find fun and adventure – but home is where the heart is. 

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