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Sober nights out at Topgolf

Sober nights out at Topgolf

There are two definitions of sober. One, which we’re sure you’re familiar with is the act of not consuming alcohol. The other, is this:



  • "serious, sensible, and solemn."

Quite frankly, this definition is ludicrous. We’re not going to patronise you by banging on about how sober nights out are actually the best nights out; you already know that. But we are going to let you know an alcohol-free shindig at Topgolf is an occasion you simply cannot afford to miss out on. Here’s what you can expect to experience on a night out with us:

1) A banging atmosphere

Without our resident DJs on Friday and Saturday nights, we’d be nothing more than the best golfing night out you’ve ever had. But with our guys and gals on the decks, Topgolf is transformed from cool, laid-back family visit, to a buzzing one-of-a-kind venue that provides the best experience you're yet to have on an evening out. 

2) Drink options with a difference 

“Yes please, I would love a seventh glass of water,” said absolutely no non-drinkers ever, without lying. You deserve more than the typical children’s menu options of cola, lemonade and a juice carton. That’s why Topgolf serves a variety of adult beverages, from deliciously refreshing smoothies to imaginative mocktails like apple and ginger mojitos.

3) Food that's actually delicious

Some people love forcing down a greasy, undercooked doner kebab with limp, soggy chips, mushed from hand-to- slurring-mouth via a paper carton, soundtracked by a drunken rendition of Wonderwall.

Well we don’t mean to sound like killjoys but we’d rather something else. Like a grilled halloumi and pepper, charcoal deli sandwich. Like panko coated prawns with mango and sweet chilli dip. Like Cajun chicken and cheese tater totts with spring onions. Basically, any and all of the  mouth-watering dishes on our menu. And between bites, you can enjoy our DJs, rather than some drunk idiot doing his best Oasis impression.

4) Unique games you'll win at

Some things are much easier after a few drinks, like talking to strangers, bonding with ladsladslads and publicly vomiting into what you thought was a big red toilet but turned out to be a letterbox. But  winning at Topgolf? That’s much more simple when you’re sober.

Let’s face it; the atmosphere and drinks are amazing here but the games are what you really want to get involved in. If you’re playing with other teetotallers, you’ll be sober enough to realise how hilariously awful some of your shots are and get ultra-competitive at the same time. If you’re playing with drinkers, on the other hand, you’ll definitely get the highest score; we’ve served enough gin and tonics here to know that.

No matter the company, Topgolf is everyone’s game and equally enjoyable for all, whether you’re on the booze or not. 

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