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Sounds of the Summer 2018 - Part 1

Sounds of the Summer 2018 - Part 1

Topgolf loves music on Friday and Saturday nights. Here’s what we’re jamming to this summer.

Nice For What (Drake)

Half the time, Drake comes across as a player. The rest of the time, he’s a shoulder to cry on. On Nice For What, Aubrey combines the worst of both personas, as a conniving “nice guy” desperately trying to escape the friend-zone by reminding women everywhere that they’re allowed to go clubbing even when they’re single.


Still though, that chopped-up Lauryn Hill sample is as serotonin-boosting as any workout Drizzy will be posting on insta this summer and 5 th Ward Weebie’s “Bend it ova” breakdown emphatically underlines the track’s authentic New Orleans bounce. No matter what you think of Drake’s interpretation of female empowerment, this one bangs. Expect to hear it on Kisstory in ten years’ time, as well as in every club and convertible this summer.

I Like It (Cardi B)

The world has been waiting for a global ‘Rican star since Jennifer Lopez. And a rapper she might be, but with tracks as infectious as I Like It, Cardi B has taken another step towards such status, combining Latin Trap influences and blazing horns with her signature Spanish Bronx squawk.


“I like dollars, I like diamonds, I like stunting, I like shining” Cardi crows on the track’s opening bars. If she carries on churning out hits like this, she’ll have to start rapping about buying her own island.

Family Tree (Ramz)

The happiest man in grime might be mocked for jumping into shot like a High School Musical extra but his particular brand of auto-tuned nursery rhyme rap continues to be played absolutely everywhere, from radio to clubs to the people who for some reason still watch Channel AKA.


Lyrically and sonically, Family Tree may be about as challenging as Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall but it will eventually worm its way into your heart, like a parasitic love bug you hate to love. All of us will eventually catch Ramz fever, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

KOD (J Cole)

Mr No-Features-And-Still-Went-Double-Platinum is currently ubiquitous on the airways thanks to ATM but we much prefer the swaying, hynotic hook of KOD’s album-name track to the ironically mind-numbing “COUNT IT UP COUNT IT UP COUNT IT UP” shoutiness of the former.

Without meaning to hail Cole as the second coming of Nas, Rakim and Jesus his twitter stans would have you believe he is, there’s enough nuance from bar to bar in every verse to make KOD far more than just catchy radio fodder. As enjoyable in earphones on the way to work as it is the club, Cole’s hit the sweet spot yet again.

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