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Sounds of the Summer 2018 - Part 2

Sounds of the Summer 2018 - Part 2

Topgolf loves music on Friday and Saturday nights. Here’s the second installment of what we’re jamming to this summer.

Guatemala (Swae Lee, Slim Jxmmi, Rae Sremmurd)

A laid-back, tropical sing-a-long backed by dancehill-lite, minimal drums? Someone tell Rae Sremmurd Lee that Drake called and he wants One Dance back. Actually, don’t. While Guatemala does recall 2017’s song of the summer and may even have been inspired by it, Swae Lee’s knack for carefree melodies and quirky turns of phrase mean we won’t be mad if this first listen from Sremmurd’s upcoming Swaecation becomes the monster sequel One Dance deserves.

That’s not to say the line “Stole your heart like Ali Baba” actually makes sense, unless of course Swae has literally stolen a woman’s heart and concealed it in a magical Arabic cave that can only be unlocked by a secret password (and even then, that’s not really what Ali Baba did in the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves). But to paraphrase Kanye, do the lyrics have to make perfect sense if the feeling makes all the sense in the world? Guatemala will have you reminiscing over old times while you celebrate the moment - and that’s as close to perfection as a summer banger gets.

Pure Water

“Pure water and lots of ice, she knows that I be the boss of life,” Skepta brags on his return to solo joints, and to be honest, we have no idea what he’s on about. Has he embraced a new organic lifestyle? Is it a clever play on icy jewellery? Does Skepta now live on top of a mountain? Maybe it just rhymes.

Whichever way, Skeppy’s just as menacing as ever, even when boasting about how smooth his drinking water is, or spitting opening bars about brushing his teeth. North London’s most famous MC has always been adept in contrasting gangsta lyrics with everyday incident and whether that’s by accident or design, Pure Water bristles with cocksure aggression and stand-out lines from start to finish.

Better Now

Driven by a brooding guitar line and uplifted by the type of euphoric, melodic outbursts that Post Malone has made his trademark, this bittersweet ode to romantic regret will be played by drunk, crying young men everywhere across the globe after one too any Dark Fruits.

Let’s just hope they keep that to themselves, instead of sharing it all on facebook…their regret that is, not the song. Better Now should be shared as much as possible, until, much like most conversations about previous relationships, we’re all absolutely sick of hearing it and are ready to move on.

German (EO)

As if in a World Cup year we wouldn’t spend enough time talking about how great the germans are, EO has brought out another grime song about the success of driving a car fresh outta Deutschland.

“Got my wrist blinging in a german,” he groans in a leaned-out slur. “In a foreign car” he helpfully adds, as though the listener might have thought his wrist was stuck inside Toni Kroos’ mouth. Thanks for confirming german cars are foreign, EO. Thanks too, for this song. It might not be as fresh as Guatemala or as edgy as Pure Water but I’ll definitely enjoy it when the sun comes out and I’m creaking down the road in my beaten-up Volkswagen. What? It’s still german…

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