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Sounds of the Summer 2018 - Part 3

Sounds of the Summer 2018 - Part 3

Topgolf loves music on Friday and Saturday nights. Here’s the third and final installment of what we’re jamming to this summer.

Sangria wine (Pharrell Williams x Camilla Cabello)

Fresh off the back of “Havana” Camila Cabello and Pharrell have linked up again to release another Latin flavoured hit. For some odd reason, Pharrell has decided to adopt a Jamaican accent on the hook, probably just to point out to the listener the “wine” pun, like a drunk Dad who wants everyone to understand how great his joke is.

“Never left the city but she swear she a yardie” he smirks in faux patois. You’ve never been Jamaican but you’re talking like one, Pharrell. Despite the awkwardness of P trying to sound like a sultry yardman, Camila saves the day by dropping in some slinky Latina vocals, much like how Pitbull used to redeem rubbish lyrics by immediately repeating them in Spanish. It’s up to you lot if the “Sangria Wine” will become a thing though…

Move to Miami (Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull)

Speak of the devil! The devil with a bald hat who wears a white jacket in all weather conditions that is, and can be found featured on every song released between 2010-2014. Pitbull’s back on the feature wagon again with the ageless Enrique Iglesias, who has apparently found his old beanie hat.

Despite Enrique waiting a whole ninety seconds to distract us all with some hastily assembled lines of Spanish (after Pitbull lists every day of the week he likes to party on, like a laddy Craig David) MtM has enough pump to make the club bounce from the start. Definitely not enough to make anyone move to Miami, though – unless a woman “shaped like a Bugatti” is your weakness.

I’ll be there (Jess Glynne)

Everyone get your arms around your mates, Jess Glynn has released a song fit to soundtrack every single “I laav you guyyys sooo much like you just donnt unnerstannnd” moment you’ll have this summer.

“You’ll never be alone, I’ll be there for you” Jess declares, along with many other vows about how you’ll never be lonely again because she has enough love to go around for everyone. Thank God, because without this song, I don’t know how I would have made it through every mainstream festival climax on TV.

Roll (Burbank Fun) (The Internet)

The Kaytranda remix might be made for “the real main stage” in festival tents across the globe but the original single from The Internet is just as enjoyable in its own way – more suited to a rum and coke in a backyard barbeque rather than a sweaty DJ set.

The funkiness of the Californians’ untouched version is so laid-back you might end up passing out in a deckchair, which although embarrassing, is probably less inconvenient than waking up Lovebox at with your phone and flip flops stolen. Here’s to watching festivals on an outside TV this summer.

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