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SPOTTED at Topgolf: Part 2

SPOTTED at Topgolf: Part 2

1. The Vamps

The Vamps got us up all night, with no sleep because we were so excited by their visit. The Vamps are a truly great bunch of lads, even if they do look like London’s top firm about to charge down Green Street on a Saturday afternoon.

2. Jason Roy

Jason Roy visits Topgolf in December 2017. Jason Roy breaks the record for highest ever one day international innings by an Englishman in January 2018. Are the two things connected? We can’t say for sure, but they definitely are.

3. Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler is a YouTuber. He is worth a reported $1.5million. He’s made his money from YouTube. He’s a 26 year old millionaire, from YouTube. His job is filming himself doing fun things every day. Yes, I am bitter about it.

4. Aaron Ramsey

The Arsenal players love a trip to Topgolf. Aaron started his game of Topgolf well, before having a dip mid-way through the game, and then finishing strongly when winning was out the question. Does that sound familiar Arsenal fans?

5. Peter Jones

Everyone’s favourite Dragon (sorry Deborah, but it’s true) visited with his family. Peter Jones is worth an estimated £435 million. TAKE THAT MARCUS, imagine how much you could be worth if you had a proper job. Our Golf Pro Matt was the only person brave enough to stand next to him and get a picture without looking like an ant.

6. Arsenal Ladies

It was a pleasure to welcome North London’s best football team to Topgolf. 12 Premier League titles, 14 FA Cup’s and one Uefa Women’s Cup. You can’t argue with those trophies!

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