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Take Back Your Lunchtime

Take Back Your Lunchtime

Your boss is losing the plot. Jason from HR has just sent you an invite for a 4pm webinar. Your colleagues are having inane conversations about stuff you don’t care about.

You need to get out of the office this lunch-time – and make the most of it. Here’s how you do it at Topgolf, in five easy steps.

1) Speedy Exit

You don’t want anyone questioning where you’re going or asking you to pick up a meal deal. You just want to get the hell out of the office and play some Topgolf.

Become the lunchtime ninja

When the clock strikes 12.00pm, get up and walk out without saying a word. People will assume you’re heading to the toilet. Don’t stop and chat along the way- every second of explaining where you’re going and what Topgolf is, is a chance for someone to shave precious minutes off your new-found lunchtime hobby. If your work bestie is tagging along, inform them of the need to break out quickly and efficiently over IM.

2) Smugly collect your first free game

If this is the first time you’ve visited as a business club member, you’ll get your first game free.

You pay for Topgolf? How sad.
Ted Cruz is smug by Jamelle Bouie is licensed by CC 2.0

And if you’re already a member but have yet to sign up to our Business Club, just ask for your account to be switched over at front desk. And while you’re at it, recommend your bestie so you get the reward of another free game.

You haven’t even started playing and you’re already winning. Those chumps in the office are probably still sweating over a spreadsheet.

3) Play

Whether you’re trying to beat your personal score or competing against bestie, swinging a few golf balls is the ultimate stress reliever – especially when going full swing with a driver.

She hadn’t smiled like that in years

Swinging, chipping, and happily pinging a few balls left, right and centre, there’s nothing more satisfying than a crisply connected golf shot. The office pedant might disagree but they can get stuffed and stick to taping post-it notes on the fridge; this is your lunchtime. While he/she is whinging away in a dusty office where nobody likes them, you’ll be out on the sunny bays, gleefully walloping away.

4) Eat

After an exhaustingly fun game or two, you deserve to eat a scrumptious meal fit for the King/Queen of the midday break.

Pulled pork, your majesty?

If you're a Business Club member grab anything from our Lunch section from £6, plus a free soft drink.

5) Head back to the desk with your head held high

You’ve just done something with your lunch-break - and you should be proud of it. What has everyone else done? Forced down a dry sandwich and made awkward small talk about the weather while repeating the same stale conversation they had last week about John from accounts’ pants drawer?

When John tells you he files them by smell.

You don’t want to face John’s pants again, and you don’t have to. Come and join us at Topgolf – and have some fun during your free time. Just make sure sure you invite your favourites back next week.

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