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Topgolf Comes in 2s

Topgolf Comes in 2s

When you buy one Topgolf game before 11am, you get another free, on every day of the week.

That’s because we think two games of Topgolf are better than one – and just for kicks, here’s some other stuff that’s always better in pairs. 

1) Penguins

They mate for life. 

two penguins

King Penguin Couple by David Stanley is licensed by CC2.0 

So if you’re planning on having a black-and-white tuxedo’d chum for a pet, you’d best get two.

2) Fingers in a chocolate bar

After chomping down one biscuity chocolate snack, you always want another.  

japanese kitkat

kit kat bar by ga9gk is licensed by CC2.0

And that’s true in any language.

3) Weetabix

What sort of sicko only has one Weetabix?

two weetabix in a bowl

Even if they do look like this.

4) Left feet

Being good at dancing earns you respect. 

kermit dancing

Being bad at dancing makes you the star of the show.

5) Magpies

Woe betide the person who sees the unlucky, solitary magpie. 

two magpies on a fence

Magpies by ahisgett is licensed by CC2.0 

Shearer and Bellamy were always better together.

6) Chainz

You know who we mean. 

two chainz

2 chainz 2013 2 by demxx is licensed by CC2.0

He should wear two KitKats around his neck for good measure.

7) Heroes

Batman without Robin? 

Cole without Yorke? Laurel without Hardy? Madness.

BOGOF at Topgolf is available at Topgolf between 9am-11am, Mon-Sun. To find out about other special offers, check out our Daytime Deals

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