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The Takeaway

The Takeaway

What’s your favourite takeaway? Mine’s wonton and fermented chilli soup, followed by Cantonese duck with grilled bok choi, finished with a lotus-seed mooncake.

Unfortunately, that delicious combination of duck, green vegetables and pulse-based Chinese dessert is of little use to me on the golf course. My second favourite takeaway on the other hand, is – and I’m here to teach you how to pull it off.

The takeaway in golf terms, refers to the first part of your backswing. If you want the rest of your swing to result in a clean, satisfying shot then you’d best get the takeaway right first.

Here are the points you need to remember to get your backswing started perfectly:

Stage 1

The arms and shoulders dominate the initial part of the backswing – so that’s what we’ll focus on. As you pull the club back, the lead arm must close to the body. This helps the shaft stay parallel with the feet, which keeps club on the right plane, as seen below.

The angle of the club face should mirror that of your spine, keeping your body and club aligned throughout the swing:

Stage 2

The second stage of the Takeaway begins when your club shaft is parallel to the ground:

Once the shaft is parallel, hinge your wrists so that your thumbs point towards the sky. This will create an “L” shape in your right arm and allow your waist to follow through with its own rotation. This delivers greater speed through the swing, ultimately resulting in increased power going into the ball. Just make sure you don’t rotate the waist before hinging, which will make your club circle the body on on a lower plane than necessary.

Top tip:

Sometimes, the butt of the club comes away from the torso, so your left arm isn’t connected to the movement of the body, removing your club from the correct plane and resulting in a missed strike. Always keep the butt connected to your body!

So, that’s the takeaway covered. It might not be the most exciting stage to learn but it’s vital to get it right if you want the rest of your swing to work. Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog on the rest of your backswing.

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