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What are team building activities?

What are team building activities?

“Team building activity” is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a boring waste of time”. Such corporate “games” are often based on a random analogy that supposedly links to team-building, such as “if one of us fails, we all fail” or “communication is the key to success” or some other patronising phrase that makes the HR person explaining the game sound like a human Insta-quote account.

“For God’s sake Jeremy, who cares if we fit together to form the bigger picture?”
Federal Probation & Pretrial Services Corporate TeamBuilding by Michael Cardus is sponsored by CC 2.O

The activity itself will be the sort of game you used to play at primary school, such as Chinese Whispers or Jenga. These games are only fun when a bored participant realises they are an adult and decide to ruin the game by suddenly kicking over the jenga blocks or changing the Chinese whisper to a real rumour about a colleague. Such as “Dave is the one drinking all the milk in the fridge, pass it on.”

At Topgolf, we have grown-up games that your staff will enjoy playing. What are these games, I hear you ask? Allow us to explain:

1) Topgolf

Hit the ball towards any of the giant dartboard-like targets and score points depending on how close to the centre you land. Your shots will register on your electronic scoreboard thanks to the ingenious tracking detectors in our balls and targets. Simple – and our most popular game.

Aim for the bullseye

The best thing about the original Topgolf game is that it’s just as well-suited to novices as experienced golfers, as you can fluke a lucky shot into the nearby targets to score easy points, while the experts in the group aim for the faraway targets and (potentially) miss.

2) TopPressure

Nerves will definitely play a part in TopPressure. Players test their accuracy by attempting to land in all nine sections of the yellow target. If you hit the same section twice, you lose points.

Fails: hilarious when it’s not you

Stay calm, and you could outscore anyone. Without meaning to sound sadistic, sometimes it can be fun to put your boss under a little bit of pressure now and then – and this game will definitely allow you to do that without harming your promotion chances.

3) TopChip

This one is for fans of the short game, so you won’t have to worry about some members of your party being able to hit the ball miles further than everyone else.

We’ll drink to that

Sometimes, the big hitters can outscore everyone else in game of golf by virtue of driving the ball further – but not more accurately. A game of TopChip means there’s no advantages to packing more power than others; winning comes down to finesse.

4) TopBreak

This is perhaps our most unique game. Hit alternative shots at a red target then a different colour zone to rack up points just like a snooker player would – while drinking beers like a darts player would.

…And wine, and cocktails

By the time you’ve won a round of TopBreak, you’ll feel like a cross between Tiger Woods and Ronnie O’Sullivan.

5) TopShot

This is one for serious golfers…or whoever happens to score the most points. Similar to TopChip, this game challenges you to hit the targets at four consecutive distances (five shots each).

A serious office golfer

The starting target you choose (red, yellow, green or brown) determines the game’s level of difficulty. So if you want to get an advantage on the keen golfers, jump to the head of the queue and get shooting into the red.

So there you have it. Five fun, novel team-building activities that are all available at Topgolf, and will have your staff laughing and bonding rather than wishing they were back at the office. If you’d like to find out more about what our team-building events involve, visit our corporate events pages.

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