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What would F1 Drivers Order at Topgolf?

What would F1 Drivers Order at Topgolf?

Formula 1 Drivers aren’t known for indulging themselves but if they were to order from Topgolf’s new menu, what would they pick? Loaded Tater Totts and Chocolate Lava Cookies like the rest of us, or would Lewis Hamilton and co. stick to the salads?

We reckon we’ve got a pretty good idea. Read on to find out our guesses – and make sure you drop by this weekend to watch the British Grand Prix with a burger, hotdog or whatever else catches your eye. Not that that’s what our first driver would fancy…

1) Lewis Hamilton

Quintessentially British and always a winner with the crowd…. but that’s enough about our fish finger wrap. 

Nothing says celebration like champagne and fish fingers

Hamilton’s Champagne Celebration by Mark Mcardle is licensed under CC by 2.0

Three times Formula 1 Championship winner Lewis Hamilton would no doubt love sinking his teeth into this nostalgic lunchbox classic, perhaps with a celebratory spray of Bollinger champagne from behind the bar to complement the deliciously tangy tartare sauce.

2) Kimi Raikkonen

The Flying Finn is known for his outrageous confidence and “relaxed” attitude towards the rules. Such is his confidence, Kimi’s Team Principal once described him as “doing pretty much whatever he wants.” 

He’s come here to kick ass and drink Freakshake. And he’s about to run out of Freakshake.

Kimi Raikkonen at the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix by Mark Mcardle is licensed under CC by 2.0

Such a cool, cocky customer would definitely order the most scandalous option available; a Topgolf Freakshake complete with triple chocolate muffin, chocolate brownie and cream. Kimi would probably pair it with buffalo wings, just because.

3) Jenson Button

The elder statesman of F1 always puts the needs of the team ahead of his own – even covering for Fernando Alonso at this year’s Monaco Grand Prix when the unpredictable Spaniard temporarily abandoned Formula 1.

He’s even got the bill sorted, the old smoothie

Jenson Button by Dan Smith is licensed under CC by 2.0

Such a reliable character who always puts the needs of the squad first would only ever request a sharing platter of Signature Nachos, complete with guacamole, queso sauce and all the trimmings. We’d be willing to bet he’d buy you dessert, too.

4) Max Verstappen

There was a time when Redbull Wonderkid Verstappen would have been forced to order a Ruby Revolution mocktail on a day-time visit to Topgolf but with his nineteenth birthday passing recently, we’ve no doubt Max would be keen for a wild night out.  

Watch out, he’s a crazy one.

Max Verstappen by Morio is licensed under CC by 4.0

And what better way for a highly-tuned, clean—living athlete to party the night away than with…a chicken caeser salad (please hold the dressing).

5) Fernando Alonso

This fiery Spaniard is known for his ability to squeeze the absolute limit out of any car he comes across. Give this man a broke-down Robin Reliant and he’d attach a spoiler to the back, pour in some nitro and rag that old banger around the corners of any given race track at top speed. 

Fernando doesn’t share food

Fernando Alonso at autograph session on Sunday by Morio is licensed under CC by 3.0

It stands to reason then, that Fernando would admire a dish that makes the most of humble ingredients – which is why he’d dive into our ChimiChurri Half Roast Chicken quicker than he brakes into the first bend. This dish transforms the humble roast chicken into a carnival of flavours, thanks to Kansas BBQ sauce, Topgolf slaw, jalapeños, peach salsa and soft tortillas. We don’t know if he’d share it though – Fernando isn’t known for working well in pairs (just ask Lewis Hamilton).

6) Daniel Ricciardo

Finally, we come to Daniel Ricciardo – who’s never been the star of the show but is a fan favourite nevertheless. No matter who features on the podium, you can guarantee Dan’s warm smile and infectious sense of fun will have the crowd smiling at the end of the day.

One makes us feel warm and gooey inside. The other is a portion of churros.

Daniel Ricciardo 2015 Malaysia by Morio is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Which is why our “Sharros” (churros to share) would be the perfect choice for a man as crowd-pleasing as Ricciardo. From long cinnamon churros to mini o parcels filled with chocolate or caramel and served with strawberries, this communal dessert is the best way to come together after a game of Topgolf, whether you’ve beaten your Top Score or missed every target.

Find out more about our menu and watch the British Grand Prix live at Topgolf from the 14th-16th July.

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