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Who is Octavian? Introducing the artist behind the soundtrack to our latest campaign

Who is Octavian? Introducing the artist behind the soundtrack to our latest campaign

Oliver Godji, aka Octavian stands out from the rest of the urban music scene like a multi-coloured unicorn in a herd of grey sheep. In a city of a million identikit road rappers, grime crews and house DJs, the 22-year-old artist from South-East London has created a kaleidoscopic sound like no other.

That’s why Topgolf chose Octavian to soundtrack our brand-new campaign video with his stunning, shape-shifting hit “Hands.” To listen to Octavian is a one-off experience, just as visiting Topgolf is. We transcend traditional boundaries by welcoming the entire world to experience a golfing night out with a difference, just as Octavian dissolves the invisible barriers between genres to show music lovers of every persuasion how limitless music can be.

If you hadn’t heard of Octavian before reading this, he’s the best artist you’re yet to listen to. And Topgolf could be the best night out you’ve never been on.

Don’t believe us? Fine. Just ask Drake how incredible an artist Octavian is set to become; the Canadian megastar gave his seal of approval back in January, dancing and singing on Instagram to the Londoner’s “Party Here” at a Golden Globes after-party.

But we didn’t team up with Octavian because of an A-list co-sign; it wasn’t the size of his audience, or his ability to grab headlines that caught our attention. It was the fact he is truly a one-off – a young, UK star in the making capable of turning heads and catching ears.

And we’re not stopping here. We want every aspiring artist to feel inspired by Octavian, to create their own sound – and then send it to us so that we can showcase your talent to the hundreds of thousands of music fans that flood through Topgolf’s doors on Friday and Saturday nights to dance, play and create the memories that matter with their friends.

In a year’s time, your music could be leading our campaign, playing on radio and maybe even being rapped along to by Drake on social media. So what are you waiting for? Send your music to and start your journey to greatness with us.

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