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Why Topgolf is the Perfect Place for Home Workers

Why Topgolf is the Perfect Place for Home Workers

Working from home can be great – who doesn’t love wearing pyjamas at their desk? But as we all know, there’s drawbacks too. Here’s how a trip to Topgolf can boost your productivity, and make the day go by that little bit faster.

1) Topgolf provides structured breaks

“I’ll just have a cup of tea and I’ll get straight back to work…”

Absolutely no chance. Any home worker worth their salt follows up a tea break with back to back episodes of daytime TV and at least four biscuits (custard creams are our choice.) Use a Topgolf visit as your one main break instead – and you’ll know where to draw the line.

“I’ll just stop for a ryvita”

Each of our special offers is tailor-made for however long you want your Topgolf experience to last, whether it’s 2 games for the price of one or three games for £10. You’ll know exactly when to head home – when your balls have run out. And of course, you’ll feel much better for it because…

2) Topgolf is good for your health

As anybody who’s searched the web for concentration-enhancing tips will know, meditation is good for the mind. But who has time to practice meditation when there’s work to do?

This fool thought he would find his chi underneath all that paperwork

Game-based tasks and exercise are also effective in improving concentration and general cognitive functioning both in the long and short-term. Not only that but such activities relieve stress too; a visit to Topgolf could be just what you need to break through that fuzzy creative wall that’s built up at your desk. Everybody needs exercise and fresh air – especially if you haven’t left the house for consecutive days – and don’t have time to master mindfulness. Of course, you could always stay at Topgolf after you’ve finished your games because…

3) Topgolf provides an alternative work space

Yes, we know that working from home is an alternative itself. And that it supposedly provides a superior, distraction-free environment. But there’s plenty to disrupt your focus at home, from cold-call voicemails to home deliveries, the neighbour’s deliveries, the neighbours’ builders, the neighbours’ builders’ pneumatic drill…

If I spend ten seconds on the phone do I deserve a Facebook break now?
Hand image by Asier_Relampagoes studio is licensed by CC 2.0

Thankfully, Topgolf not only has ample seating and plug sockets available but also a lack of heavy duty machinery noise. Our popularity with office workers could also be due to our range views or simply the chance to freshen up the mind – a change of seating helps to refresh focus. Of course, there’s also the coffee…

4) No more leftovers

Everyone loves leftovers once in a while; cold pizza for brunch is always a treat and (whisper it quietly) we reckon lasagne tastes better after a night in the fridge too. But remnant’s of the evening’s dinner can start feeling a bit icky when you’re eating them every day at breakfast…

A home worker’s typical breakfast

So drop the stale onion bajji’s and dig into a Topgolf lunch instead - we’ve got everything from eggs benedict and burgers to chicken caesar salad. And if you want to get here first thing in the morning, discard the Kenko for a cup of our freshly brewed Lavazza coffee.

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