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Winter Activities at Topgolf

Winter Activities at Topgolf

Want to keep warm this winter while bantering the stuffing out of each other? Whether you’re in need of a family day out, a corporate bonding session or a good old-fashioned knees up with close pals, Topgolf has something for everyone.

1) Family Winter Competition

Topgolf is the game everyone can win – from kids to Grandmas and the expert golfers in between. Bring the whole crew down for our  Eat, Drink, Play special offers in the school holidays and your family will be fed and entertained at an amazing price. 

Mum and daughter at Topgolf Watford

Just remember to ask for junior clubs at front desk to give children the best chance of enjoying themselves. If anybody does start to bicker about their score, just hand them a hot chocolate and all will be forgiven.

2) Date Day/Night

Christmas is the most magical time of year, especially when bonding over Topgolf. Laughing at each other’s bad shots? Aww. Sharing an alcoholic milkshake like a grown-up version of Lady and the tramp? Double aww. Arguing over who deserved to win and driving home in silence? Hmm… couple with a blanket at Topgolf

As long as you don’t take the game too seriously, a trip to Topgolf is sure to rekindle those romantic flames as you snuggle up in our heated bays – and if it’s a first date, well, where else can provide such a unique experience? They’re bound to be impressed.

3) Corporate Events

Simply heading to the pub and drinking pints and wine isn’t an exciting Christmas do. Heading to Topgolf and drinking pints and wine on the other hand…

Nothing bonds people like playing a game – and we think Topgolf is the best group activity out there. Forget about dreary corporate exercises and awkward conversations with the boss, just swing away, dig into the our special Xmas buffet, laugh your head off at how bad your boss is, and most importantly of all, avoid the queue by booking your  Christmas event with us.

4) Mates’ night out

Enough of these pathetic excuses for not socialising. It’s time you told the precious snowflakes in your group that in times of harsh winter, it’s best to stick together and move as a pack. 

Friends on a night out at Topgolf

“It’s cold out.” Well we’ve got heated bays. “I’ve got nothing to wear.” We ain’t got a dress code, sunshine. “I’m watching the game.” We’ve got a giant screen and a sports lounge, petal. Get your mates out of the house and into the big, bold, cold world. There’s a night of adventure waiting for them at Topgolf, and we’d hate for them to miss out.  Book a bay now so they can’t pull out.

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