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Throwback Thursday Header
Throwback Thursday Header

Everybody knows that Thursday is the new Friday, and there’s nothing quite like a good #throwback to give you the feel-good vibes before the weekend. Every week, we bring you the best music and entertainment of the noughties, plus games and some very special food challenges.

Music You'll Remember

Do you remember when music was good? Get a load of your favourite noughties hits; we’re talking Sean Paul, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, old school Beyoncé and more.

A Throwback Tipple

Pina Colada - A classic cocktail that will bring back memories...

Pina Colada Sharer - See above, but you have to share this one.

Smirnoff Ice - When was the last time you had one of those? We're here to help you relive the good old days!

Gaming Without Screens

Unleash your competitive spirit by playing our throwback board games. We’ve got a selection that includes Jenga, Kerplunk, Guess Who and more.

Our Favourite Food Challenges: Back on Thursdays

If you’ve been a Topgolf fan for a while, you might remember our legendary food challenges (Goldman anyone?!). Well we’re bringing back new and improved versions of two of our favourites for Throwback Thursdays.

The Mega Mac Daddy Challenge

£18.99 | Win a t-shirt & 2 games

The daddy is back! This challenge was too easy last time around so we’ve upped the ante. Guests have 15 minutes to eat our giant burger built with two beef patties, double cheese, double bacon, mac ’n’ cheese, BBQ sauce and double fries. Oh, and 5 onion rings to round it off.

The Double Dog Challenge

£15.99 | Win a t-shirt & 2 games

Formerly known as the “Big Wiener Team Challenge”. Nobody likes to share food (we’re looking at you, Joey) so this is now an individual challenge where you’ll attempt to conquer one classic dog with Coney Island mustard, one spicy chilli cheese dog and jalapeños both served on a bed of fries, all in 15 minutes.

*Throwback Thursdays takes place at UK venues only on Thursdays. Food challenges subject to availability. 

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