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Bays to Fairways
Topgolf Coach

Bays to Fairways

Learn the basics of how to play golf so that you can make a successful transition from Topgolf bays to the golf course. Registration is open!

Get golf course ready!

Learning to play golf at a golf course can be really intimidating - but it doesn’t have to be. With our Bays to Fairways programme, you’ll learn the basics so that you can make a successful transition to the golf course.

The Topgolf Coach Difference

No matter your skill level or experience, our Topgolf Coaches can take your game the next step.

Topgolf Coach

Certified Teaching Pros

All our Coaches are hand-picked and know how to bring about improvement for their students by customizing their teaching method to match their student’s personality, skill level and goals.

Next-Level Technology

Using Toptracer ball tracking technology and HD multi-angle video swing analysis, you can get as much info as you want about your swing.

Relaxed Learning Environment

No stuffy country club here. Topgolf is a great way to learn golf while keeping it fun for everyone in a low-stress environment.

Multi-Lesson Packages Available

Looking for more than one session? We offer great discounts on lesson packages.