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Angry Birds

Angry Birds at Topgolf

Let the Birds Fly.

Use the Angry Birds characters (golf balls) to smash down structures, defeat pigs, and earn as many points and stars as possible. It’s Angry Birds at Topgolf, and it’s family-friendly and perfect for all skill levels.Available at select Topgolf venues

Angry Birds at Topgolf logo
Now Available at Topgolf Auburn Hills!

Now you can play Angry Birds in real life at Topgolf, using golf balls to virtually smash down structures, defeat pigs, and generally cause mayhem and destruction.

Here’s how to play:


Select the game and your chapter

Use the game panel at a participating Topgolf venue to select the Angry Birds game, then the chapter you want to play. Not a great golfer? No problem, each player can set their own skill level for the game.

Hit your golf ball to send the Angry Birds flying

Once you hit your golf ball, Red, Bomb, Chuck and The Blues will take flight using our Toptracer technology into the virtual structures on the Topgolf outfield.

Smash down structures, defeat pigs, and cause mayhem

Smash down the structures to defeat the pigs and earn as many stars and points as possible. There are three birds per structure, three structures per chapter, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Meet the Birds

The Flock! These fine feathered friends must find a way to foil the cleverest of piggy plans. Will there ever be a truce? Is peace possible? Not likely anytime soon.



The cranky, lovable red-hot leader of the flock with a quick sarcastic wit.



A dim bulb with a big heart, Bomb has a condition that causes him to explode when startled, anxious, or upset.



He’s fast, furious, and foolhardy!

The Blues

The Blues

Bursting with rambunctious energy, these thrill-seeking blue triplets are the masters of mischief and adventure!

Angry Birds at Topgolf chapter screens
Eight Available Chapters

Your flock is ready. The epic battle awaits. The green pigs keep orchestrating new outlandish schemes for stealing the birds’ eggs to bring back to their greedy King. Navigate your way through the chapters to protect the birds’ precious Hatchlings. There are 8 chapters to choose from, and each chapter contains 3 levels.

Ready to play? Start planning your visit.