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Topgolf Hawai'i FAQ

Curious about what Topgolf Hawai'i is all about? Just click on one of the sections below to find the answer. If you need more assistance, click here to send us a message.

Construction Process

What’s the process for designing the venue?

Topgolf Hawai'i has been interfacing with community members, neighborhood boards, city leaders and various other stakeholders to solicit as much input and feedback as possible. It's important that the facility assimilate well to existing structures and landscaping at the Ala Wai Golf Course, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. It will be customized and the design will be unlike any of the other Topgolf venues.

It was reported that the estimated cost of the Topgolf Hawai'i venue is $50 million. How much of that funding will be paid by Hawai'i taxpayers?

Zero. The cost of constructing the venue will be paid by Topgolf.

In addition to constructing the venue, what will be Topgolf Hawai'i’s responsibilities regarding the project?

Topgolf Hawai'i will design, finance, operate and maintain the future Topgolf Hawai'i venue.

What are the arrangements between the City and Topgolf Hawai'i?

Topgolf Hawai'i will design, construct and operate the venue at its expense pursuant to a lease. The term of the lease will have an initial term of 20 years that may be extended by Topgolf Hawai'i up to 40 years total. Topgolf Hawai'i will pay to construct the venue and, during the construction period, Topgolf Hawai'i will also contribute to the City an amount equal to two percent of its construction costs. This money will be available to the City to renovate and improve other public facilities. Once the venue opens, Topgolf Hawai'i will pay lease rent to the City consisting of a minimum annual base rent that starts at $1,020,000.00/year (which will increase over the term of the lease) plus additional rent equal to one percent of its annual gross sales.

Since the current driving range will be closed during construction, will there be a temporary driving area created?

Prior to construction, we do not see any reason to have to close the driving range. Hours and pricing will remain the same. During construction, it’s likely we may have to close the current driving range – for safety reasons in particular – for a period of time.

What’s the process moving forward?

The lease will require approval from the Honolulu City Council and the state Board of Land and Natural Resources, since the Ala Wai Golf Course sits on state land that was transferred to the City’s control by executive order.

What’s the anticipated timeframe for completing the project?

Once we start the environmental studies, we estimate it will take 1.5 to 2 years to move through the lease approval, entitlement and related processes. Construction, which will begin after those processes are completed, is estimated to take about a year.

Venue Features

While the actual design is still a work in progress, what are some of the major features planned for Topgolf Hawai?i?

The venue will be four stories and consistent with the height of the Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse. Initial planning includes about one hundred hitting bays, restaurant space, meeting rooms and event spaces. Also, indoor and outdoor keiki play areas and a rooftop lanai are planned.

Lighting for the driving range area will be engineered to minimize/eliminate light trespass beyond the property and reduce direct glare to adjacent properties. Topgolf's lighting design includes LED luminaires technology. This technology provides for more directional and efficient illumination of the driving range area and significantly reduces glare, especially compared to that of the legacy lighting.

Use of decorative screens and landscaped walls will help bring warmth and vegetation to the upper floors, lessen noise to and from the building, and visually soften large surface areas with natural-looking lattice work, as well as living plants and flowers. More than 200 new shade and coconut trees are planned along the perimeter of the outfield and around the entranceway to further soften the distinction between the natural and the man-made.

The entryway will include native Hawaiian plants and shade trees surrounding the walkways that lead to the public putting area and the Topgolf Hawai'i putting green and keiki play area.

What will the pricing be?

Topgolf Hawai'i will offer a range of prices for its entertainment experience depending on multiple factors, including category of guest (see below), day of week and time of day. As for standard pricing for the golfing experience, the pricing model will be based on a charge per hour per driving range bay. Each bay will be able to accommodate six guests, which encourages families and groups to enjoy Topgolf Hawai'i together. Standard pricing will be per hour per bay.

Are there plans to address traffic and parking concerns?

Topgolf Hawai'i will commission a traffic study and work to ensure proper traffic flow on and off Kapahulu as well as into and out of the Topgolf Hawai'i venue.

In addition to providing a high-tech upgrade to the Ala Wai Golf Course Driving Range, what are the other benefits of a Topgolf venue?

There has been a significant decline in visitors to the Ala Wai Golf Course over the past few years and the City is looking for a way to make its golf offerings sustainable for the long-term benefit of the community. Topgolf Hawai'i can be a catalyst to reverse declining golf revenue in two ways: first, through the contribution of monies from this project directly into the Golf Course Fund; and secondly, by inspiring more residents to golf. Revenue generated will help upgrade and preserve the Ala Wai Golf Course, the city’s other municipal golf courses and open space. In addition, a Topgolf Hawai'i venue will offer a social, interactive experience that is appealing to both non-golfers and golfers alike. Topgolf is committed to growing interest and participation in the sport and supporting golf in Hawai'i.

Community Impact

How would the proposed venue affect regulars? Would there be options for “normal” golf for people that just want to practice without all the other technology?

Topgolf Hawai'i will be built on the 7.26 acres where the current Ala Wai Golf Course driving range is located. The Ala Wai Golf Course will remain 18 holes. In order to accommodate individuals who want to hit golf balls without utilizing the Topgolf Hawai'i technology or the food and beverage service, the current plan is for a number of bays to be available for this purpose on a daily basis at discounted pricing for kama'aina. The City and Topgolf Hawai'i are continuing to have discussions with various community stakeholders and will utilize this feedback to develop a plan responsive to the interests of current patrons.

How many jobs will be created by Topgolf Hawai'i?

We anticipate this project will provide 200 jobs during the construction phase and more than 450 jobs when the venue opens.

Is there any objective, third-party research that proves that Topgolf positively impacts the public’s interest in golf?

Research conducted by the National Golf Foundation in 2017 offered a look at two types of Topgolf guests: those who play traditional on-course golf (golfers) and those who don’t (non-golfers). The survey found that, among Topgolf guests, 29% of golfers say that playing Topgolf leads them to play more traditional golf. Almost a quarter of golfers, 23%, follow the sport more closely as a result of playing Topgolf. More than half of the non-golfers surveyed, 53%, say that playing Topgolf has positively influenced their interest in playing traditional golf. Twenty-three percent of new golfers surveyed, who have been playing for three years or less, started playing golf after their first Topgolf experience. Of those, nearly 75% say Topgolf influenced their decision to play golf.

Does Topgolf Hawai‘i have any plans to support community initiatives, provide fundraising opportunities or host charitable events?

In all of the cities where Topgolf has venues, Topgolf is committed to giving back to the community and Topgolf Hawai'i will embrace that same philosophy. Topgolf strives to be a good neighbor and provides a welcoming venue where families and community organizations can celebrate events and milestones in a memorable and affordable way. Topgolf provides donations, sponsorships and volunteer opportunities throughout the year to a number of different organizations.

About Topgolf

What is Topgolf Entertainment Group?

Topgolf Entertainment Group is a technology-enabled global sports and entertainment community that connects people in meaningful ways through the experiences we create, the innovation we champion and the good that we do. What began as a technology that enhanced the game of golf now encompasses a range of experiences where communities can discover common ground at brand expressions including Topgolf venues, Lounge by Topgolf, Toptracer, Toptracer Range, Topgolf Swing Suite, Topgolf Studios, Topgolf Live, World Golf Tour (WGT) by Topgolf and Driving for Good.

Topgolf venues, the first brand expression of Topgolf Entertainment Group, connect people in meaningful ways through technology, entertainment, food and beverage, and the belief that Topgolf is a place where one can discover common ground no matter the occasion. These venues feature high-tech gaming, climate-controlled hitting bays, a chef-driven menu, handcrafted cocktails, music, corporate and social event spaces, and more. Topgolf venues entertain more than 20 million guests annually at nearly 60 locations across the U.S. and internationally.

What entities comprise Topgolf Hawai'i?

Topgolf Hawai'i is a partnership between Topgolf USA, Inc. and local partners The MacNaughton Group and Kobayashi Group, which will be developing and operating Topgolf Hawai'i pursuant to a long-term lease with the City and County of Honolulu.

How many Topgolf venues are currently in operation?

There are 58 Topgolf venues open and operating worldwide. 54 venues in the U.S., three venues in the U.K. and one in Australia. Many more are in various stages of planning and development.

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