1 and 2 bay Reservations (game play only packages): cannot be modified, unfortunately. It's a limitation of our booking system (we're working on it!) If you need to change the time or date, or # of bays, please first book a new reservation at your preferred time/date, and then cancel your original reservation. Just be sure to do this more than 24 hours prior to your original booking so you can cancel via the link in your confirmation email for a full refund. If modifying within 24 hours of your start time, please contact our Guest Care Team at (866) 867-4653.

2 bay Event (package you booked includes game play and Food & Beverage): Please contact our events team at (866) 867-4653. Please note: our events team does not have the ability to modify or cancel 1 or 2 bay reservations (game play only bookings), so please contact our Guest Care Team at (866) 867-4653 for inquiries surrounding those.