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Friday, June 29 | The Toyota Yard @ Topgolf Las Vegas

SHOW: 8:00PM

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A humbling past and a never promised tomorrow, was the drive of Chris "Boomer" Unchangco.

Born December 24, 1985 on the island of Guam, the southern most island in the Marianas Archipelago, where Chamorus have been the Native inhabitants for over 4,000 years, where FAMILIA *Family* and RESPETU *Respect* are the upholding forces of Chamoru culture, Chris Boomer grew to be a man, a singer, a songwriter and a performer.

Chris learned a life of music in Guam. He played with his family and his friends. People stopped calling him Chris and started calling him Boomer. He enjoyed much local notoriety for his amazingly soulful and mesmerizing voice. In 2007, Boomer met "I Am Who I Am"'s co-writer and producer, Jacob Hemphill (SOJA), at a bar gig Boomer was playing while SOJA was on tour in Guam. The two instantly started collaborating on the song "You and Me" for SOJA's album "Born In Babylon", which was released in 2009. "You and Me" became one of the most downloaded reggae songs of the year, and that was the beginning of "I Am Who I Am."


Passafire was formed in Savannah, GA, in 2003 by Ted Bowne and Nick Kubley, and have built a strong reputation within the U.S. reggae scene through relentless touring with fellow band members Mike DeGuzman and Will Kubley. Bowne doesn’t mind the grueling schedule and adds, “Touring is the best way to keep the buzz about the band going. What keeps it fun and exciting is the people we meet and places we get to see. We are in a new city every day so there’s always something to go see or do.”

They continue to be a larger part of the U.S. reggae scene, even though musically they are often far apart from many of their peers in the genre, with a growing emphasis on alternative and progressive rock elements within their songs. On Passafire’s sixth studio release, Longshot, the Savannah, GA based rock outfit gives a testimony to following dreams, inspired by people, places, and experiences Passafire has shared since forming as a band. The group’s four members continue chasing their passion despite being told many times that “Making it as a musician is a long-shot,” a piece of advice that inspired this album and its title. Longshot takes its listeners through a full spectrum of emotions, telling stories of heartbreak, new beginnings, overcoming personal struggles, finding truths, discovering new places, and getting older, all weaved into Passafire’s genre-defying mix of reggae, hard rock, hip hop, and anything else that turns the group on musically.

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