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Who Will Rock You?

AUGUST 3RD | The Cowan @ Topgolf

Free Show: 7:00PM

The finalists of the Topgolf original series, "Who Will Rock You?" are performing at The Cowan at Topgolf Nashville! All ages are welcome.


Though Crimson Riot is still in its infancy, their prior experience performing together over six years and their reputation allowed them to hit the ground running and acquire several great gigs right out of the gate. Crimson Riot was very well received by former fans of RGP. Audiovein Magazine said, “Yes! This is what you guys should have been doing all along. Perfect!” Once the word got out, many promoters quickly jumped on booking them on shows opening for touring headliners. They even caught the attention of legendary punk icons Darrin Pfeiffer and Greg Hetson from the Punk Rock Karaoke band and were brought in to open at the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA. With the release of their first single and music video, “Here’s The Bad News Laura (The Shake Machine Is Down)” a quirky, pop-punk anthem, that the masses could relate to, became an instant hit prompting fans to bring milkshakes to shows.

Crimson Riot is fronted by singer/guitarist Roxy Gunn with Chris Reject on bass guitar and additional vocals, all held together by Ryan J on drums. Their songs are heavy, catchy, pop punk anthems which get the crowd immersed into each story with music that delivers a high energy soundtrack for multiple dancing styles and head-bopping.


Some people are born to do what they do, and Chris Ferrara is no exception.

“Someone once described me as the ‘quintessential product of pop music,’” he laughs as he walks down Memory Lane. “As a kid, I was drawn to Gospel and Motown- big harmonies and infectious rhythms- but around the house, Mom listened to Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton, and Kenny Rogers. Dad rocked out to The Doobie Brothers, Journey, and Bruce Springsteen. As I got older, my musical taste buds changed as I started getting into rock ’n’ roll and hip hop, but I really found my niche when I moved to Nashville and immersed myself in country music. It's amazing the journey life takes you on to discover who you're supposed to be.”

Ferrara tours regularly with his supporting band, "The Common Good,” and the band’s name is a direct reflection of his mission: to make the world a better place for the common good. His movement, aptly named "For The Common Good," is being used to inspire positivity, share happiness, and shine a light on the good that goes on around us.

"I realized," he explains, "for every one story about violence, destruction, and negativity, there were multiple stories of charity, compassion, and goodness- stories that deserved to be highlighted- and I want to use whatever platform I have to showcase them. 'For The Common Good' is a community of people who believe that if we start treating each other better and living for the common good instead one's self, the world will become an even better place."

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