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TopgolfNew Orleans

Coming Soon

Topgolf is thrilled to be a part of the New Orleans community. We appreciate and respect the city’s rich culture, and we want to honor it by being good neighbors and active participants in the community.

Exterior day time view of Topgolf New Orleans

About Topgolf

As a company, we believe in the unlimited power of play, and we’re committed to bringing joy through more ways to play the game of golf – that’s our purpose and what we aim to do each and every day. We’ll continue to update this site as the development of our venue progresses and look forward to hearing from you.

About the Venue

Topgolf New Orleans will feature 102 outdoor climate-controlled hitting bays (think heated in the winter, and fans and misters in warmer months!) spanning three levels. Our Toptracer technology traces each ball’s flight path, distance and other metrics. See the images below for a more detailed look at where Topgolf New Orleans will be located in relation to major city landmarks in the area where we’ll be located.

Northward View

image of Topgolf location in New Orleans facing north

Southward View

image of Topgolf location in New Orleans facing south

Community Impact

Topgolf New Orleans will create approximately 400 good-paying jobs in the community.

We have 88 outdoor venues in the U.S., and we invest in each of the communities we serve. As part of our Driving for Good initiatives, we support causes that strengthen our cities and bring people together in support of our belief in the unlimited power of play. We’re in talks with several New Orleans nonprofits with programs already in place to engage underserved youth, including First Tee and the Urban League.

The efforts that support our communities, as well as our Playmakers, include:

image of golf instructor giving lesson to student inside of a bay
  • National partners: In 2023, Topgolf announced its partnership with the Special Olympics and will be the first brand to become a sanctioned Special Olympics sport starting in 2024. Additionally, we donated $1.3 million to Make a Wish in 2023 as part of our national partnership with the organization.
  • In venues: We look forward to bringing our Youth Play It Forward initiative to our New Orleans venue, which offers students in local schools’ golf programs free practice time if they don’t have access to their own practice facilities. In 2023, we hosted 545 Youth Play It Forward events and more than 9,300 youth Players across the country. We also helped partners host over 1,700 fundraisers at our venues, raising an estimated $47 million for various organization in need throughout 2023.
  • Playmaker support: Topgolf provides a free mental well-being platform through Spring Health for all of our Playmakers (part time and full time) and their immediate family members, which includes therapy sessions at no cost for both insured and uninsured Playmakers. In 2023, Topgolf fully funded 9,300 mental well-being appointments for Playmakers as part of this program.

Additionally, Topgolf Cares is a nonprofit designed to help Playmakers in times of great need through immediate financial assistance. It’s funded and made possible by Playmakers for their fellow Playmakers.

To learn more about our Driving for Good platform, click here.

image of interior view of bays at Topgolf

Economic Impact

We know there has been confusion on tax incentives associated with our development so we want to be 100% clear here – Topgolf will pay market-rate rent for our location, and we’re not asking for or receiving any subsidies or tax breaks. We’ll be paying roughly $30 million in taxes to New Orleans over 10 years.

Pole Height

Rest assured, our outfield poles are specifically designed and positioned to NOT obstruct views. On average, the poles measure a total height of 172 feet.

image of outfield and surrounding poles at Topgolf
image of outdoor lighting at Topgolf venue


As part of the consideration for Topgolf New Orleans being next to an interstate, our outfield lights will be carefully planned and vetted for approval by local authorities. Our lights tilt downwards toward the outfield and are carefully designed to stop light from spreading outside of our field. As with all of our venues, we calibrate lighting before a venue opens for appropriate brightness. Some dimmer lighting remains on after hours for safety purposes only – the full lighting system will only be operational during business hours.


We understand you may have traffic concerns, and Topgolf has a plan to address them. All streets surrounding our venue will be fully functional – we’re simply asking to slightly move Melpomene Street. Our aim is to minimize the effect on existing traffic on Tchoupitoulas and within the neighborhood. Melpomene Street will continue to function as it does today as a two-way street.

When it comes to ramp traffic, the recent traffic study showed no impact to vehicles coming from the exit ramp. Cars coming off the ramp will have a clear view to slow and stop in case a vehicle turns from the relocated Melpomene Street.

Image of venue from above and surrounding streets
artist rendition of parking and surrounding area at a Topgolf venue


How we plan our parking lots is based on the amount of hitting bays a venue has and the anticipated Playmaker (aka – our employees) count. We have planned 433 parking spaces for Topgolf New Orleans – for reference, the maximum amount of parking spaces allowed according to the city code is 896 spaces. We’re seeking less than half of the amount allowed.

Venue Locations

Many have asked where our venues are situated. Our 88 owned and operated venues in the U.S. are located in urban, suburban and tourist areas, depending on the community. We choose the sites after a careful vetting and selection process, followed by a period of community engagement. While we have different design prototypes, each venue is unique in its own right because of the individual communities we serve. To view our venues and the surrounding property, please visit – each location has a gallery of images you can view on its location page.

Open Communication

We hope you’re as excited as we are about bringing our unique style of play to your city, and we are committed to updating this page as additional progress on Topgolf New Orleans is made. Our Players’ and future Players’ voices mean the world to us, so please reach out to us with any questions or comments so we can address them.

See you soon, New Orleans!

Questions or Comments? We’d love to hear from you.
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