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Topgolf Social Leagues
Topgolf Social Leagues

New Year. New Leagues. New Squad

Topgolf's weekly Winter Leagues are the perfect excuse to get together with friends, make a few new ones and enjoy a little competition. We’re lining up CASH PRIZES for the winning team¹, so grab those clubs and the best Topgolfers you know, and sign up today because spots go faster than a shank off a driver!

For specific dates and times, please select your preferred Topgolf venue from the list below.

How Much Does it Cost?

Entry Fee: $40 for 2-person teams and $80 for 4-person teams*
*No entry fee for Illinois & Ohio locations.

Weekly Fees: $20 per person for Lifetime Members and Free for Platinum/Executive Members**

**Applicable sales tax will be added at point of purchase.

Proud Partners: Callaway, Draft Kings, Golf Now, Lamkin

What Do I Get if I Win?

The first place team will be awarded $500/person ($1000 for 2 Person; $2000 for 4 Person). Depending upon the size of the league, 2nd place through 4th place will be awarded from the league cash pool if the league has less than 20 teams. The cash pool will be split accordingly:

  • 2nd place – 45%
  • 3rd place – 35%
  • 4th place – 20%

If the league has more than 20 teams, prizing will be pooled accordingly:
Champions Flight – 70% of League cash pool

  • 1st place - $500/person
  • 2nd place – 55% of Champions flight cash pool
  • 3rd place – 45% of Champions flight cash pool

Premier Flight – 30% of League cash pool

  • 1st place – 60% of Premier flight cash pool
  • 2nd place – 40% of Premier flight cash pool

(Excludes Arizona, Illinois and Ohio venues as they are subject to different prizing strategy per respective state laws.)

All 1st place team individuals are required to fill out a W9 tax release form.

What are the Rules?

Each team will play head to head against another team on their scheduled league night for the duration of the 6 week regular season.

If you are in the 4-person league, the A and B players from each team will play in one bay while your other 2 teammates, the C and D players, will be in the bay next to you. In the 2-person leagues, both teams will play as a foursome in the same bay. Each player will hit five shots and then alternate with the other three players in the bay. The same rotation should be maintained throughout each game. The order should change from game to game to ensure one team does not have an advantage over the other by always going first or last.

Player match ups will be determined by position on the team. For four person leagues player designation will be A, B, C, or D, assigned by the team captain. For two leagues player designation will be A or B, assigned by captain. For the first two game each evening the players of opposite team will play against the same designated letter match. For all game excluding TopPressure the scoring will based on total score between head to head match ups and a total combined score between the A/B and C/D players in four person leagues. The same will be true for two person leagues utilizing scores from A players and B players.

For a four person league the first two games are worth six points for each game. In the two person leagues the first two games will be worth three points for each game. TopPressure will be the combination of the whole team’s scores verses the combination of the opposing team’s scores for a total of one point.

In the case of four person leagues there are 13 points to be had each evening, and 7 points for two person.

*** Manual Scoring

If for some reason a ball does not register, a ball edit may be made to the outer most ring of the target.


  • Teams can have multiple alternates who fill in on dates that other team members aren’t available. The alternate must have played at least 2 games of Topgolf in the past so a handicap can be calculated, or they will play at a 12 handicap. Once a player has league scores posted, only league scores will be used to calculate their handicap.
  • If a team’s alternate is not available and the team only has 1 player (or 3 in the case of the 4-person league) that week, then the missing player will receive a score of zero. However, the player(s) that do show will be able to earn their individual points in their own head to head matchups. As mentioned below, every point counts.
  • An alternate may not be used for the playoffs unless they have played in at least TWO regular season matches in the current season.
  • A team will not be allowed to have more than 10 different players on their team throughout the course of a season. If a team is not able to find a former replacement and has reached the 10 person limit, the team will take zero points for the missing position.


All teams are eligible for playoffs. Playoffs are single elimination, starting the 7th week of the season. Teams will be seeded according to the season standings. Depending on the size of your league, there may be multiple playoff flights. The first two rounds of playoffs will be played week 7 with semifinals and Championship matches played week 8.


In the event that a team or player cannot make a round of the playoffs, the team or person needs to contact the Topgolf league manager listed below to set up a makeup. The makeup needs to be completed before the scheduled night of the playoff. No later makeups will be accepted. However, the scoring for the makeups will be handled differently. The player(s) will incur a 10% reduction to their total score and the game must be witnessed by a Topgolf associate. A printout of your score will be attached to the scorecard.


Handicap will be based on scores from the league play only. The first night of competition will be a blind matchup with the handicap based solely on league scores from the first night that will be retroactively calculated into the scores.

Handicaps are calculated by taking the players score, minus the par of the particular game, then divide that number by the specific game multiplier. From there each player receives 80% of that index. For example: Player A shoots 150 in Topgolf. The Topgolf game par is 250 and it’s multiplier is 5. 250 – 150 = 100/5 =20(.8) = 16.

Each game, excluding TopPressure, will have an overall effect on the handicaps applied to each game. Handicaps will continue to evolve from week to week during the regular season based on all games played through out the season.

Handicaps will be provided to league players at the beginning of their match each week, beginning in week two. The maximum handicap will be 30 for league competition.


Winning prizes of value in a golf-based competition may affect a golfer’s status as an amateur under the Rules of Golf as published by the USGA and R&A. If you have questions, please consult the rules and/or the governing bodies.

¹ Prizes vary by location. Please check with your Topgolf league manager on the first night of play. The chance to win is free for league members, and no consideration is required. Must be 13 years of age or older to participate.