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Concert on the Green Policies & FAQs

Venue Policies

Ticketing, Purchases, and Entry:

  • No re-entry into the venue. Guests needing to re-enter after leaving will need to purchase another ticket, if tickets are still available
  • This will be a CASHLESS event. Bars accept all major credit cards.
  • There are no ATMs on the premises or inside the venue
  • Valid ID must be presented at the front gate and bars for Age Verification
  • Topgolf reserves the right to refuse entry and Uniformed Security and Event Staff reserve the right to escort anyone out of the venue as they deem necessary
  • ALL ages are required to have a ticket. This includes all children of all ages
  • Third-party tickets do not guarantee admission to the venue. We cannot validate tickets purchased at third party sites or on the secondary ticket market
  • No refunds on ticket purchases for any reason (even if you are removed from the venue or denied entry)
  • General Admission ticketholders will be allowed only in the general admission area on the outfield and will not have access to the inside of the Topgolf venue or the hitting bays.

Alcohol, Food & Beverage:

  • Topgolf does not permit alcohol consumption by anyone under the age of 21, even in the presence of and permission granted by a parent or guardian
  • Minors will be marked with an X prior to entry. Removal of markings may result in removal from the venue without a refund. There is a zero-tolerance policy for minors consuming alcohol
  • Anyone suspected of intoxication may be denied entry without a refund
  • All guests seeking to drink alcoholic beverages must have a valid, government issued, physical ID on them to obtain a 21+ wristband. Photos and/or copies of IDs will not be accepted
  • Bartenders reserve the right to refuse service as they deem necessary
  • No outside food, drinks, alcohol, or coolers allowed on property
  • No drinking containers may be brought into the venue, even if they are empty
  • Tailgating and consumption of alcohol in the Topgolf Event Parking and offsite parking lots is prohibited

Prohibited Items:

The following items are prohibited at Topgolf for ALL shows:

  • Shoes and Shirts are required for entry and while inside the venue. Guests may not remove their shirts while in the venue
  • Topgolf is dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive venue for people of all backgrounds and ages. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone outwardly displaying racial, vulgar, or otherwise outwardly offensive behavior or clothing
  • Outside chairs, cushions, blankets, towels, coolers or strollers
  • Any liquids such as perfume, bug spray, sunscreen, etc. cannot be in a container over 5 ounces
  • Firearms, noisemakers, fireworks, or weapons of any kind, including pocket knives
  • Cameras and recording devices of any kind (other than cell phone cameras), and no detachable or additional lenses may be brought in including GoPros or Selfie Sticks
  • Poster tubes
  • Posters, signs, balloons, flags, inflatables, frisbees, streamers, or confetti
  • Binoculars
  • Guitars/musical instruments
  • Glass items
  • If it has been raining close to gate times, or it is predicted to rain, we will have disposable ponchos available for sale at the venue. We will not allow umbrellas to be brought into the venue.
  • No pets are allowed inside the venue. Please see the section below regarding Service Animals
  • This is a 51% establishment. It is unlawful for a person to carry a handgun on this premise, including a person licensed under Sub-chapter H, Ch. 411, Government Code
  • Marijuana is illegal in the State of Texas. Topgolf does not have the means to test CBD, Delta8, or hemp products to distinguish them from marijuana, and therefore prohibits these products from being brought into the venue

Clear Bag & Bag Policy:

  • No large bags, backpacks, or backpack purses are permitted into the venue
  • Small clutch bags with or without a strap that are smaller than 5.5” x 8.5” do not have to be clear. Any other bags must be clear and bag size cannot exceed 12″ x 12″ x 6″. Clear bags may not have printed or tinted plastic or more than one logo. This applies to clear fanny packs, clear small backpacks and clear small drawstring bags
  • All bags are subject to search
  • Guests with prohibited items may dispose of or return items to vehicle
  • Illegal items may be confiscated by Security or Venue Management and disposed of at entry and at any point during the event
  • Topgolf will not hold onto any personal items and is not responsible for any lost or misplaced items

Medical Assistance & ADA:

  • Any guest requiring a medical exemption or assistance is asked to first check in at VIP Entrance for accommodation. This includes diabetics, asthmatics, or anyone under medical care that will require an exemption to bring a medically necessary item into the venue including but not limited to: insulin and needles, snacks, inhalers, and medications. If you have these items, or if you’re not sure, please check-in with Topgolf management upon arrival for assistance prior to going through security for a smooth entry experience
  • Service animals are welcome. We follow the ADA’s definition of Service Animal: an animal specifically trained to perform a task for a disabled person. Please note: Emotional Support animals, comfort animals, and therapy dogs are not considered service animals

Failure to follow venue policies may result in removal from the venue.



Do you have ADA or handicap seating?

ADA seating or parking is not available for purchase. We have a limited number of facilities available, as required by ADA, available on a first-come, first-served basis. The ADA concert viewing area will be outdoors on the outfield in a dedicated location. We cannot save or reserve seats or areas. Once it’s determined that an accessible area is filled to capacity, the area will not be available for additional entry. We recommend arriving at least 45 minutes early to the venue to receive accommodation. ADA seating is limited to the disabled person and one companion. The venue is wheelchair accessible, but some areas are outdoors and some travel may be over natural terrain. Topgolf does not provide golf cart rides or wheelchairs or other devices for rent or loan.

Where is the ADA/handicap entrance located?

The ADA entrance is located to the left of the main stairs and is clearly marked. The entryway to the ADA entrance is a paved walkway and has a separate line for speedy entry. ADA guests will be escorted through our check-in lines and then onto the field for concert viewing. We ask that you arrive to the venue approximately 45 minutes early so that we can allow you to enter and get situated before the gates officially open.

Do you have ADA/handicap parking?

ADA parking is available onsite in Topgolf’s parking lot and in the offsite parking lots reserved for this event. More information on offsite parking forthcoming. If all ADA spots are occupied, any passengers can be dropped off at the Topgolf venue in the rideshare area before exiting the venue to return to the offsite parking. We cannot save or reserve any ADA spots.

Where are the ADA restrooms and other facilities located?

There are restrooms located on the 1st floor of the venue that will be available for ADA guests prior to the GA door opening for field entry. See a Topgolf staff member or security for entry. Once the GA doors open there is a dedicated ADA restroom trailer on the field.

Are there EMTs on site?

Yes, there are EMTs.


What type of payment does Topgolf accept?

This is a CASHLESS event. All major credit cards are accepted.

Do you have ATMs?

No, there are no ATMs available.

Entry Policies, Times, & Weather

Do I need an ID to enter the venue?

If you plan on drinking alcohol while inside the venue, you must be 21 years of age or older and present a valid, government issued, photo ID. We take checking IDs very seriously.

What is your bag policy?

For the safety of our guests and associates we have a small bag and clear bag policy. This helps us effectively scan for prohibited items and weapons that could endanger other guests. Following these guidelines will reduce the amount of contact with your belongings and will reduce the amount of time you wait in line.

Non-clear bags that exceed 5.5″ x 8.5″ (half a sheet of computer paper) are not permitted.

Clear bags may not exceed 12″ x 12″ x 6″ and may not have printed or tinted plastic or more than one logo.

Bags will be sized at entry checkpoints. If your bag does not fit in the sizing guide, it will not be allowed in. If you are not sure, please leave it at home.

Do you use metal detectors to check for weapons?

Yes, we use walk-through metal detectors and/or wanding for all guests to identify weapons.

I have a pacemaker or other condition where I cannot go through a metal detector.

Guests with a medical condition will be subjected to wanding and/or pat down search for weapons prior to entering the venue.

If I have my Concealed Handgun License (CHL) or am an Off Duty Peace Officer can I bring my gun into the venue?

This is a 51% establishment. It is unlawful for a person to carry a handgun on this premise, including a person licensed under Sub-chapter H, Ch. 411, Government Code.

Off Duty Officers are permitted to bring their issued service weapon into the venue however, they must be licensed in the state of Texas, must have their proper credentials verified and their service weapon inspected by a working officer.

What are your policies regarding photo/video/audio?

We do not allow cameras and/or recording devices however you are able to bring and use your cell phone camera. Members of the press must have passes pre-arranged with the artist’s management in order to shoot during the show.

What happens if it rains?

This event is Rain or Shine. If rain is expected, we will have disposable ponchos available for sale at the venue on the day of the event. We will not allow umbrellas to be brought into the venue.


Does Topgolf offer drinks or is it BYOB?

The bar offers canned beer, liquor, wine, mixed drinks and non-alcoholic beverages. We do not allow any outside food or drinks inside the venue.

Does Topgolf offer food?

Yes, we do have food available for purchase at multiple locations in the venue.

Parking & Transportation

How do I get to Topgolf?

Topgolf is located at 3760 Blair Oaks Drive, The Colony, TX 75056

Where can I park?

VIP guests and Premium GA ticket holders may self-park at Topgolf. GA ticket holders will have access to reserved parking at The Athletic Club Baseball Field Lot located at 4100 Blair Oaks Dr., The Colony, TX 75056. Additional GA offsite parking information forthcoming. Free shuttle service from the reserved lot to the Topgolf venue will be provided on the day of the event.

Can I purchase parking in advance?

Parking is complimentary and reserved parking is not available for purchase. There will be no public parking onsite at the Topgolf location. Parking will be available on the day of the event at the The Athletic Club Baseball Field Lot located at 4100 Blair Oaks Dr., The Colony, TX 75056. Free shuttle service from the reserved parking lot to the Topgolf venue will be provided on the day of the event.

Can I leave my car parked overnight?

We do not recommend leaving vehicles in the parking lots overnight. Overnight security of the lot will not be provided.

Can my group tailgate in the parking lot prior to entering the venue?

Tailgating and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the parking lots.

Do you provide a shuttle service?

A free shuttle service will be provided from the parking lots to the Topgolf venue on the day of the event.

Do you have a rideshare pickup/dropoff area?

Yes. There will be a rideshare pickup and dropoff area onsite next to the Topgolf venue.