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10 'Old People Things' That are Actually Awesome

Some people think golf is just for old people, which if you’ve ever enjoyed a night out at Topgolf, you’ll know is ridiculous. Here’s a list of ten other things that aren’t just for the older crowd…

1) Werther’s Originals

We don’t know why Granddads give these to people but would like to question why we aren’t getting them off anyone else.


If it was up to us, it would be compulsive for all workplaces to dish them out.

2) Slippers

Like socks but better, slippers belong in everybody’s wardrobe.

We’d walk down the high street in them if it was socially acceptable.


3) Groaning when you get up

We can’t be the only ones whose fitness is so bad we already get aches and pains when have to move/stretch for the remote.

Grunting helps you move more efficiently in our opinion, like a tennis player getting the most out of their serve.


4) Getting out of bed early

Older people get up early due to biological factors. You get up late due to your bed being comfortable and your phone being within reach.

Gary Neville reckons you should get up early and “attack the day.” We agree.


5) Saying “You’ll understand when you’re older”

Very annoying when someone does it to you, especially when you already know everything.

But extremely satisfying to say to cocky little herberts who haven’t even taken their GCSEs but think they can argue with you.


6) Knitting

Once the preserve of Nans, knitting is now the hippest hobby around. Some people even do it on their commute.

You’ll look a bit odd on the bus, but you’ll be warm for the walk home.


7) Talking on the phone for hours

We know older people do this because their friends move away etc.


But sarcasm is a lot easier to understand via voice than text. And your language skills will be better cause you speaking not writing, innit.


8) Leaving voicemails

It’s just nice to know someone was thinking of you.


And even nicer to leave them for other people at 3am.


9) Taking Naps

We flop down on the bed every day when we get home.

Fun-size sleeps are even more enjoyable when taken whenever you want. Especially at the dinner table.


10) Having the exact change

Contactless is definitely the way forward but…


How many old pound coins did you forget to exchange just because you never use actual money?