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The 5 Types of Sports Parents

Standing by the side of the pitch can bring out the best or worst in any parent, but which of these categories of parent can you put a face to?

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Winter double dates at Topgolf

We’ve already told you why we’re the dream destination for a first date. But when it comes to inviting another couple to share your experience, Topgolf is a game that remains undefeated – especially in winter.

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Excuses for not going out - and how to beat them

There’s a (snow) flake in every group of mates. They can be identified by their poor excuses, lack of enthusiasm and refusal to leave their house under any circumstances. In winter time, safety in numbers is vital – and this lone wolf is letting down the pack.

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Winter Activities at Topgolf

Want to keep warm this winter while bantering the stuffing out of each other? Whether you’re in need of a family day out, a corporate bonding session or a good old-fashioned knees up with close pals, Topgolf has something for everyone.

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Topgolf Comes in 2s

When you buy one Topgolf game before 11am, you get another free, on every day of the week.

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Slow Topgolfer Reaches Next Birthday Before Finishing Game

22-year old receptionist and incredibly annoying Topgolfer Hannah Mclean has achieved the astonishing feat of celebrating two consecutive birthdays in the space of playing one Topgolf game, thanks to spending a ludicrous amount of time on each shot.

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