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What are team building team activities?

“Team building activity” is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a boring waste of time”. Such corporate “games” are often based on a random analogy that supposedly links to team-building, such as “if one of us fails, we all fail” or “communication is the key to success” or some other patronising phrase that makes the HR person explaining the game sound like a human Insta-quote account.

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FA Cup Round-Up: No celebrations yet

In the first quarter-final of the weekend, “The Harry Kane team” (credit to Pep) swatted aside Swansea without their star man in a comfortable 3-0 win, thanks to outstanding performances from the universally popular Christian Eriksen, the divisive Erik Lamela and the unanimously rubbished Moussa Sissoko.

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Premier League Round-Up: Everyone’s a Bottle-job?

Fresh off their latest accusation of “bottling it” (against Juventus), Tottenham overcame adversity in the shape of an injured Harry Kane to beat Bournemouth 1-4 on Sunday, thanks to goals from Heung Min-Son, Dele Alli and Serge Aurier. Surely this proves Pochettino’s side have a strong mentality?

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Rugby vs Football

With both the FA Cup quarter finals and the culmination of the 2018 Six Nations taking place this weekend, it’s going to be wall-to-wall sports coverage at Topgolf; quite literally, we’ve got that many screens.

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How do I Get My Golf Stance Right?

You’ve already worked out how to ?grip the club like a pro. Now we can help you take a stand – in a way that will help you hit the ball further and straighter.

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Live Football Round-Up

With recent form in mind, it seemed last night’s clash between Manchester United and Crystal Palace would be a case of Unstoppable Bores Vs Immovable Objects.

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Angry Gary, World Cup Omens…Serge on the Sauce?

Where else to start but the League Cup final, site of Arsenal’s latest big game failure? As flimsy Mezut Ozil and Co succumbed to yet another defeat against top opposition, children cried, adults booed and Gary Neville delivered the most furiously intense public shaming since Queen Cersei had oranges lobbed at her in the streets of Westeros.

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10 'Old People Things' That are Actually Awesome

Some people think golf is just for old people, which if you’ve ever enjoyed a night out at Topgolf, you’ll know is ridiculous. Here’s a list of ten other things that aren’t just for the older crowd…

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