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Hack the System: How to Never Queue at Topgolf AgaiN

Not everyone has time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. Some of us have people to see, and (other) places to be.


We’re not going to sugar coat it: we’re the victims of our own success, which means sometimes the (virtual) queues to get into a bay at Topgolf can build up. We’re sure you can understand why – social golf that you can win without being able to swing a stick like a pro? Mouth-watering food and drink? Come on, it’s no wonder there’s a queue out the door!

Anyway, we get it, you’re obviously excited to roll up your sleeves and start messing up shots. 

Luckily for you, we’re going to let you into some of Topgolf’s best kept secrets on how to never queue again!

Hack the System: How to Never Queue at Topgolf Again


The simplest approach to secure your time slot is to book Fast Track in advance of your visit - so there's no hanging about. Just jump in the car, mozy on down to Topgolf and get straight to your games. 

2. TURN INTO AN early birdie

You’ve heard it said, and it’s true – the early bird gets the worm. Or, the bay in this case. If you join us between 9am-11am, not only will you avoid the rush later in the day and avoid the queues, you’ll also get buy one get one free on games and you’ll even have time to slip in a Topgolf breakfast! Early risers, rejoice!

3. BeCOME a midweek-mingler

Why wait for the weekend to visit us? Mondays - Wednesdays are sure to be a little quieter, plus we have promotions available to make it a great value trip. Tie in bagging one of these bargains with avoiding the long weekend queues and you’re onto a winner.


Never been to a red carpet event before? There’s a first time for everything. If you’re looking for the full Topgolf VIP treatment, have a chat with our Events team and book one of our Bay Bundles. Feel smug as you glide past the queue on a buzzing Friday night and strut straight into your reserved upstairs bay - if you want to keep your sunglasses on indoors, we won't judge you.

Enjoy 2 hours of unlimited Topgolf, a trophy for the winner, lifetime memberships, an all-inclusive food and drinks tab and as if that wasn’t enough, your very own dedicated host for the evening! Our Bay Bundles are a great treat for birthdays, stag and hen dos and pretty much any reason you can find to celebrate in style (to be honest, do you even need a reason?).

Not sure which is right for you? Use out Plan a Visit tool to help figure it out.