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7 Reasons Topgolf is an Unmatchable Date Location

There’s nothing worse than a drab, boring venue on a first date – or any date for that matter. Whether you’re meeting a crush for the first time or looking to spice up your relationship with a great night out, here’s our seven reasons why Topgolf is THE unmatchable date location.


1) We’re completely different

Topgolf is a unique game that combines the best of technology and sports that even people who don’t play golf can enjoy. Most importantly, Topgolf inspires the connections that bring people together for unforgettable good times.

But why does this make a difference to your date? Because you want to impress and where you take them says a lot about you, even if you don’t realise it at the time. If you want them to think you’re the same as everyone else, take them to a bar and pretend you know what cocktails best suit the olives you ordered to look classy.

If you want your date to realise that you’re fun, original and unique, take them to Topgolf. You need to stand out when they’re chatting about you to their mates, and choice of venue is the first thing that will come up.

2) Topgolf lets you show off….

Obviously, as a Topgolfer, we know you’re an amazing person because you love visiting such a fun place (see above). But your date might not know this yet – and we know you want them to recognise that you are far superior to their tinder backups immediately. Well, you don’t need to worry about that now because sports reveals character quickly – and Topgolf does it instantly, regardless of how good you are at our games.

Excellent smasher of a golf ball? Well, now you can demonstrate how modest you are after you cream a driver into the black target, as your date looks on suitably impressed. They’ll be even more impressed when you smile and attribute it to “good luck” then proceed to hit every single shot straight into the targets and encourage them as you go along. You’ll even get the chance to snuggle up and demonstrate the correct swing technique, as seen on TV.

Absolutely awful at golf and can barely hit the ball? Well, here’s your chance to show them that you don’t take yourself too seriously and are more concerned with having a good time getting competitive. Obviously you don’t have to actually mean it – but it’s a great back-up plan if you don’t play as well as expected…

3) Topgolf reveals the truth

Nobody likes a time-waster, whether it’s a commitment phobe or a great date who turns out to be a better actor than they are a companion. In a game of Topgolf, there’s no hiding place for these people.

Sore loser? They’ll soon blame your point-scoring feats on luck or the length of the clubs. Bit of a bighead? The Topgolf range makes a great backdrop for modelling shots for those of a vain persuasion. They’ll be straight in there for a solo selfie before you can shout “fore!”

But even if you’re in a long-term relationship and wondering if you should pop the question, Topgolf can help you find the answers to some vital queries. Such as, does my partner have the athletic genes required for our future offspring to represent Great Britain at the Golf Olympics? If they scuff their shots sideways, the answer is no, and you’ll have avoided the humiliation of crashing out in the qualifying rounds – as well as having to run for the altar.

4) You can visit us at any time

Whether you’re at and at ‘em in the mornings or don’t come alive until the night-time, you can visit us at any time from 9am until late at night.

So if you’re on a second or third date, you can show your (soon-to-be) loved one that you’re a social chameleon and depending on your lifestyle, don’t just leave the house during the day for a casual coffee/ at evening for obscene party antics.

Plus if you show up during the day, you can sneakily save a few quid with our off-peak -time offers without anybody needing to know you’re pinching the pennies…

5) We’re a one-stop shop for date night fun

Yes, you want to impress your date with your witty charm and dashing good looks but most importantly, you need to find something they’ll enjoy doing; Topgolf has several options here.

On the off-chance they don’t enjoy our games (they will) we’ve still got your back. Don’t enjoy the driver? Dance to our DJ instead. Don’t like getting down on the dancefloor? Then head to the bar and sip a cocktail.

And if they don’t like eating, or their Topgolf score was so low they feel the urge to stuff their face with premium burgers in an attempt to feel better, join them in a spot of comfort eating; our American Diner style menu has everything from loaded tater totts to Korean BBQ skewers and of course, our amazing freakshakes.

6) We love groups

Everyone has a friend that forgets about their mates whenever they meet a new partner. And if you don’t have that mate, it could be you.

Luckily for you (or your absent pals) our bays now accommodate up to six people at a time or in date world, three couples. Mix and match your single mates with your favorite double date pair so you can spend quality time with your mates and your boyfriend/girlfriend at the same time.

7) Toilets are by the door

Did you think it was a coincidence that our restrooms are located within sprinting distance of the exit? If your date doesn’t match their online profile, feel free to 'pee and flee' with ease.