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Fun Family Activities in Hertfordshire 

Are you looking for new and exciting activities you and your family can do in Hertfordshire? Trying to plan family outings can often be time-consuming and stressful. However, our guide has this all covered with our Top 5 list of things families can do in Hertfordshire - from indoor activities, to outdoor fun as well as potential rainy day activities you and your little ones can get stuck into at affordable prices. 

Where Can I Take Kids in Hertfordshire? 

There are many activities you can do with your family in Hertfordshire. There are many free and inexpensive activities, from indoor sport activities to outdoor walks in the picturesque surroundings of the county. Read our Top 5 activities which both you and your kids will enjoy below. 

Top 5 Family Activities in Hertfordshire 

Our top 5 list has you covered when it is raining, when you’d prefer a more leisurely activity to thrill-seeking activities for the adventure junkies. We also have compiled a list of activities which have prime locations for those wanting to visit by car or public transport. 

Have the Ultimate Fun Day out at Topgolf 

At number 1 on our list is Topgolf Watford. Not only is Topgolf affordable, with prices low for both adults and juniors, but it is also in a prime location in Hertfordshire. Located directly off of the M1, a visit to Topgolf Watford is easy and fast if you live in or nearby Hertfordshire. 

Everyone, no matter their skill, is welcome at TopGolf and can let loose on one of our many golf courses or games. Offering both indoor and outdoor golf activities, TopGolf Watford is a great place to go for families come rain or shine!

Parents can also watch their favourite live sporting events on one of our large screens, while their kids take a game at one of our many bays. As the ultimate day out, TopGolf also has many highly-rated restaurants and bars to take advantage of.

Head to Mead Open Farm and Make Family Memories

Mead Open Farm, located near Leighton Buzzard, is in prime location for those visiting and living nearby or in Hertfordshire. Throughout the year, take advantage of their seasonal special events - from Summer Holiday Festival of Fun to Christmas events. 

Your children can see lots of adorable animals on the farm, play on their indoor and outdoor playgrounds as well as do lots of fun daily activities they put on. They also have food and drink available on-site, making it an easy day out for both adults and young ones. In addition, by pre-booking online you can save lots of money! 

Visit Hatfield House for a Peaceful Day Out 

Hatfield House, located in the eastern part of the town Hatfield, is a great day out if you have lots of young and older kids. Historically associated with Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, Hatfield House is not only an educational day out - but it also can be made into a peaceful one as it boasts acres of greenery. 

Take advantage of the weather and take a lovely long (or short) walk around the estate. Alternatively, look out for any current events they may be holding, from fireworks to summer picnics and more. 

Go to 360 Play Stevenage for a Rainy Day Activity

360 Play Stevenage is a great day out for all families, with children aged 1 - 17 years old. No matter the weather, you can have a great day out at 360 Play Stevenage. They also offer special discounts and even after school prices! 

At 360 Play Stevenage, you can enjoy a coffee while you watch your little ones play freely in the large entertainment centre. With lots of toys, games and activities to do both indoors and outdoors - your children will without a doubt have a fun day out. 

Take a Trip to Hertford Museum for Some Fun Learning

If you’d prefer a more educational day out, thena  trip to Hertford Museum may be right for your family. Covering vast parts of history, from the military all the way to archeological artefacts, you will leave Hertford Museum feeling mesmerised. 

Check out what events or exhibitions they may be also offering - as they often tailor events for family activities. Visiting Hertford is not only great with the many activities it offers, but it is also free! Great for those on a budget or looking for quick, inexpensive activities to do in Hertfordshire. 



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