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Hack The System: 6 Tips to Help Kids Beat Their High Score at Topgolf

Kids love Topgolf – and it’s great for us to see so many juniors out here enjoying the sport. As much as Topgolf is about having a great time with the family, we all enjoy ourselves a little extra when we’re hitting targets and scoring high.


1) Take a full swing

We’re not playing cricket here guys! Most kids want to smash the ball as far as possible but many stunt their own full power, due to swinging like a batsman at the crease.

One of my students; it’s never too young to start learning

By this, I mean that many juniors swing the club up only as far as their waist, which results in scooping the ball forwards, rather than hitting through it cleanly. Encourage your mini Tiger to take their backswing up to at least the shoulder and they’ll be hitting further (and thus scoring more points) in no time.


2) Ask for the right size clubs

This isn’t a technical tip but it’s one of the most important factors in ensuring a young golfer enjoys their experience with us.

Plenty to go around

The clubs on our bays are sized for adults. Ask our guest services team for either junior or tots’ clubs; using full-size clubs will most likely mess with an underage player’s technique, as every iron and wood in the bag will simply be too heavy to lift with the correct technique. With the right-sized gear, a pint-sized player can swing away light and easy to a record score.


3) Lend them a helping hand

Right-handers hold the club with their right-hand on bottom, left-hand on top. For those who use left-handed clubs, the reverse applies.

Right on the bottom, left on the top

Simple right? All else the Topgolfer needs to focus on is making sure their hands are close together, helping to create a “hinge” effect that allows a speedy swing, resulting in greater fluidity, accuracy and distance. Of course, your little golfer shouldn’t be swinging too fast…

4) Avoid “the ballerina” dance

The sight of Darcy Bussell completing a 720-degree turn is certainly a sight to behold on the ballet dancefloor - but not so impressive on the Topgolf bays.

If I had a pound for every kid I’ve seen spinning around in circles after taking a huge heft at the golf ball, I’d have enough money to buy Royal Box tickets at Swan Lake. The primary factor behind the Topgolf pirouette is the golfer not keeping both feet on the floor while they swing. Just keep their feet on the floor and they’ll be connecting with the ball far more cleanly and consistently, instantly. Just remember to keep their head out of the clouds after they beat their previous best score!


5) Keep your P.G.A Parent at bay

There’s a P.G.A (Pushy Golf Analyst) parent in everyone. You just have to keep it contained.

Forget what the pro said, get those hands away from each other!”

The PGA parent within wants you to not only ignore the guidance of trained professionals (such as yours truly) but also shout, cajole and heckle in a bid to “encourage” young, sporting kids. Everybody plays better golf when relaxed – and kids are no exception. Just remember they’re here to have fun as well as well as improve on their personal best score – and we’re here to help young Topgolfers do that.


6) Choose your bay wisely

The difference between a record score and another average day at the bay can be a matter of single digits – and the difference between zero points and five on a single shot, a matter of millimetres.

Just like the school bus; some kids prefer the top deck

It’s common for junior players to land just short of their intended target, due to the shorter distance of their shots. You can neutralise their limited yardage by moving as close to the nearest targets as possible; I recommend heading to the upstairs bays where enhanced ball flight results in shots that travel further through the air and gain traction off their landing.

Of course, the easiest and most effective way to improve your child’s golf game is to grab a passing coach for a few quick hints when we’re patrolling the bays (look out for our Topgolf jackets and name badges) or to book a lesson with myself.