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Are you looking for new and exciting things to do in Hertfordshire? Whether you live nearby or are visiting locally, there are lots of fun things to do in Hertfordshire. Read our guide which covers activities for all ages, with their prices and location.

Hatfield House

Price: Free - ££
Address: Hatfield Park, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL9 5NQ 

Hatfield House is one of the top voted fun things to do in Hertfordshire, due to its variety of activities it offers to all ages. Firstly, parking is free and you can take advantage of the large parking available. 

In addition, you can choose from a variety of activities to do while visiting Hartfield House. You can take advantage of the beautiful surroundings, see some animals and wildlife in the farm or enjoy a walk in nature. Alternatively, you can pay for admission to the historical house itself and enrich yourself in centuries of history - from Henry VIII all the way to Queen Elizabeth I. 

In addition, Hartfield House offers fun activities for young children with the Bloody Hollow huge adventure playground being one of its main attractions. Hatfield House also has a restaurant offering small snacks, teas and even Sunday Roasts! 

Topgolf Watford

Price: £
Address: Bushey Mill Lane, Watford, Hertfordshire

Coming in at the second best thing to do in Hertfordshire is Topgolf Watford. Located nearby to the M1, Topgolf Watford is in a prime location for all ages to come and visit. 

Not only is Topgolf Watford great value for money, it's also extremely fun! With 49 all-weather bays, several golf courses and lots of games to take advantage of - Topgolf will ensure everyone, no matter their skill, has a good time. 

Great for dates, corporate events and even children’s birthday parties, Topgolf has it all. You can also watch big sporting events on one of their big screens, and indulge in the bar or restaurant (or both!). 

Topgolf Watford also offers free Wi-Fi to all as well as free on-site parking for those visiting by vehicle. 

Harry Potter Tour 

Price: ££ 
Location: Studio Tour Dr, Leavesden, Watford WD25 7LR

Visiting the Warner Bros Studios in Hertfordshire for The Making of Harry Potter Tour is one of the best indoor activities to do, in any season. Visitors can learn all about Harry Potter and walk through many of the sets famously seen in the worldwide famous wizard films. 

Not only will you enjoy an award-winning tour, but you can also buy lots of merchandise and try butterbeer, fly on a broomstick and meet some of the famous characters! 

The Harry Potter Tour is a great activity for all ages, and also offers tailored packages based on your group’s needs. 

Berkhamsted Castle

Price: Free - £ 

For those seeking fun outdoor activities in nature, then visiting Berkhamsted Castle is a great choice. As the most well-known castle in Hertfordshire, then a visit to Berkhamsted Castle is a must if you live nearby. 

Dating back to the 11th century, Berkhamsted Castle works with English Heritage meaning everyone can visit for free! Boasting a Norman motte-and-bakery castle, you and your little ones can walk freely in the surroundings and take advantage of the cafe. 

If nature and history are your go-tos, then Berkhamsted Castle is for you. 

Lee Valley Boat Centre 

Price: £-££
Location: Old Nazeing Rd, Broxbourne EN10 6LX

Lee Valley Boat Centre is one of the most fun things to do in Hertfordshire. Located nearby to a train station, it is easily accessible by public transport too. 

With various boats to hire, from rowing boats to electric pleasure crafts, you can choose how long you hire the boat for. Whichever you choose, you will definitely have fun on the water with family and friends as you take in the picturesque surroundings. 

Heartwood Forest 

Price: Free 
Location: Sandridge, St Albans, AL4 9DQ

As the largest continuous new native forest in England, Heartwood Forest is one of Hertfordshire’s many natural treasures. Great for couples, families and young teens, Heartwood Forest is one to consider if you’re looking for new walking trails. 

Boasting four woods, Heartwood Forest offers several types of walking trails depending on your desires. You can see lots of seasonal wildlife, enjoy beautiful walks and even let your young ones run free amongst the many natural playgrounds the forests offer. 

If you’re interested in more adventurous outdoor activities, you can also opt for cycling or horse riding the trails (depending which enable you). In addition, Heartwood Forest is one of the best places to take your dogs for a long walk! 

Natural History Museum 

Price: Free 
Location: The Walter Rothschild Building, Akeman Street, Tring, HP23 6AP

The Natural History Museum in Tring, the sister to the world-famous one in London, is a must-do trip if you live locally. With lots on display, from giant sloths to wolves, a trip to the Natural History Museum will certainly amaze you with all of its history it has to offer. 

Great for school trips, little ones and families, the Natural History Museum in Tring is a great day out with its own cafe, picnic areas for those that prefer to pack their own food as well as shops with lots of treats to buy! 

Willows Activity Farm 

Price: £-££
Location: Coursers Road, St Albans, AL4 0PF

Willows Activity Farm, located in St Albans, offers families with young children a great day out. With farmyard animals, funfair and tractor rides as well as farmyard animals and even indoor soft play areas - everyone can get involved no matter their age at Willows Activity Farm. 

Located just off of the M25, Willows Activity Farm is in prime location for those nearby and a little further away. Peter Rabbit themed, a day out to the farm will undoubtedly be enjoyed by little ones. 

Shaw’s Corner

Price: £ 

A visit to Shaw’s Corner, the home of the late renowned playwright George Bernard Shaw, is another great rainy day activity to do in Hertfordshire. Take advantage of the guided tour, and take in all of the history of the house him and his wife lived and worked in. 

If you’re visiting in the summer or on a less rainy day, then a walk around the nearby National Trust garden will leave you feeling relaxed. You can also visit the nearby café and even climb the tower! 

Ninja Warrior Watford 

Price: ££ 
Location: N Orbital Road, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, WD25 7JZ

For the adventure junkies, Ninja Warrior Watford is one of the best fun indoor activities to do in Watford. For those aged 5 and above, Ninja Warrior Watford is based on the infamous ITV show Ninja Warrior UK and is great for teens and adults too. 

Fully air-conditioned, you can let loose and become a ninja on the attraction’s many obstacle courses. You can even visit for free and watch your children in the upstairs café - where you can find many foods and beverages. Ninja Warrior Watford is also a great place to host a birthday party! 

So what is Topgolf? In short, we’re an entertainment experience, featuring a high-tech golf game that everyone can enjoy. With an outstanding food and beverage menu, climate-controlled hitting bays and music, every Topgolf has an energetic hum that you can feel as soon as you walk through the door.