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Fast Track Your Way to a Bay
Fast Track Your Way to a Bay

Fast Track your Way to a Bay at Topgolf

At Topgolf you can turn up and we'll check you in, or you can ensure your group is fast-tracked into a bay by choosing to pre-book from a limited number of slots. Secure yours up to 60 days in advance and at least 24 hours prior to arrival.

Groups up to 6 players

Each booking is for 1 bay only and is usable by a maximum of 6 Guests. You can only use this service for a single bay.

Fast Track fee

Ranges from FREE to £50 depending on day and time. Fee gets your group to the front of the queue and into the next available bay upon check-in.

Game rates

The booking fee does not include games or food and drinks; these can be purchased once you arrive at the venue. New Guests will also need to purchase a Membership.

Need more than one bay?

Sorry - because bays are allocated as they become available we cannot put you in a bay next to another booking of your choosing. For groups larger than 6 players, see below for event booking options.

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The Guest who makes the booking will be required to be present in order to check in. Bookings do not guarantee that Guests will be provided a bay at the exact time that they selected or arrive on site. If all bays are full when a Guest arrives, that Guest will be the next in line to receive a bay when one becomes available. If there are already Guests in the queue with a booking, each new addition will then get placed directly behind those Members already in the queue. Multiple bookings made on the same day will be treated as separate, and will not allow for grouping. Reservations may not be redeemed for cash, memberships, or game credit. We are unable to accept gift cards as means of payment for online bookings.

Bookings are refundable up until 24 hours before the booking time. Review the "Cancellation Policy" on your venue's checkout page. If a guest chooses to cancel their booking after 24 hours before their booking slot, they will not be refunded. The guest that booked the reservation will be required to check in at the venue prior to their booking slot. Within 15 minutes of bay assignment, the guest must be present in their bay with game play started, even if their entire party is not present, or else the booking will be cancelled without refund. Furthermore, if the guest has not arrived on site and booked in by 15 minutes after the booking time slot, then the reservation will be cancelled without refund.

Need More Than One Bay?

If you'd like to book more than one bay, check out details of Parties and Events at Topgolf. Have questions? We're here to help. Submit an event request form and a member of our event sales team will be in touch soon.

Having payment issues? See our Book a Bay payment guide.

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