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Event Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Topgolf to host your Event.

To ensure that everyone has a great experience, you must review and agree to these Event Terms and Conditions which will be sent to you together with your Contract.

If you have any questions, please contact us by submitting an enquiry through our website at


These Event Terms and Conditions (Event Terms), together with the Event Quote and Event Confirmation, forms a legally enforceable contract between Topgolf Limited *(Topgolf, we, us, our) and the Client as described on the Event Quote (you, your, Client) upon confirmation of your Event (the Contract).  You should understand that you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions by booking an Event.


The Price for the Event is set out in the Event Quote.  The Price will cover only items detailed on the Event Quote as part of your Event Package.  We will charge (at our retail prices) any additional food and beverages ordered by Players participating in your Event on the day.  A Player means any individual who is participating in your Event.  Prices are liable to change at any time, but changes will not affect bookings where we have already sent you an Event Confirmation, except in cases of obvious error.

All Prices are subject to VAT at the current rate. You may add a discretionary service charge to your bill on the day of the Event.  Any such service charge is in addition to the Event Quote.  You must make the following payments if you choose to proceed with the Event:


You must pay a 50% deposit of the Price as a Deposit to secure your Event.  You must pay the Deposit no later than midnight on the day you book your Event.  We must receive the Deposit in cleared funds.  We will deduct the Deposit from the final payment due.  The Deposit is non-refundable except as set out in Our Cancellation and Refund Policy section of these Event Terms.

We will confirm your Event after you have agreed to these Event Terms, and we have received the Deposit.  We will only hold your preferred date/time for 2 days.  If you do not pay the Deposit within 2 days, your requested date/time may no longer be available.

Final payment:

You must make the final payment (i.e., the Price less the Deposit) at least 7 working days before your Event using our online payment service.  We will email you the link to the payment service before the final payment is due.

We may cancel your Event as set out below (see Our Cancellation and Refund Policy section these Event Terms) if you do not make the final payment. In our sole discretion, we may allow you to either make a late payment if your preferred date/time is still available or reschedule the

You may pay for your booking online by credit and debit card.  A secure payment service processes credit and debit card payments made online.  To successfully process your online booking, we will take your name, address, and other details, and then you will be transferred to a secure page to enter your credit or debit card details and finalise the payment process.

Our payment service provider will need to know specific information about you to process payment for the booking.  You consent to our transfer to our service providers of such information.  For more information on our service providers and the processing of your personal data, please read our Privacy Notice.

Rescheduling your Event

You can reschedule your Event to another date/time, subject to availability, if you give us at least 7 working days before the scheduled date of your Event. 

Our Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation by you.  You may cancel your Event at any time subject to the following:

  • Cancelling on the day of your Event

All sums paid are non-refundable.

  • Cancelling 1-7 days before your Event

Your Deposit is non-refundable. Any sums paid other than the Deposit will be refunded. 

  • Cancelling 8-30 days before your Event

We will issue a credit note to you for the Deposit to be used against a future Event.  Any future Event must be held within 6 months of the credit note date.  We will refund any sums that have been paid in addition to the Deposit.

  • Cancelling 31+ days before your Event

We will issue a full refund for the Deposit and any other sums paid.

Cancellation by you for events outside your control (force majeure).  If you need to cancel or reschedule your Event because of government-imposed restrictions on your movements, you must contact us as soon as possible as you become aware of the situation giving rise to the restrictions.  We will refund your booking payment (in full as soon as possible) or offer you the opportunity to reschedule your Event if one is available. You can accept the refund, a credit note, or reschedule the Event.

Cancellation by us in the case of non-payment.  We may (but are not required to) cancel your Event if we have not received the full payment for the Event at least 7 working days before the scheduled date of your Event or if your issuing bank declines your payments.  In such situations, no refunds will be provided for any Deposit or other amounts paid by you in anticipation of the Event.

Cancellation by us for events outside our control (force majeure).  We may need to cancel your Event if we cannot hold your Event due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.  This may include but is not limited to adverse weather, strikes or industrial action by our suppliers or playmakers (i.e., Topgolf staff), and government-imposed restrictions on our operations. 

We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and reschedule your Event, or if there is a risk of substantial delay (a delay longer than 90 days), you may contact us to cancel your Event.  We will have no liability for losses or costs which you may incur due to such cancellation, but we will refund your booking payment (in full as soon as possible) or offer you an alternative date and time for your Event if available. You can accept the refund, a credit note, or reschedule the Event.

How to reschedule or cancel.  If you wish to reschedule or cancel your Event, please call 0808 169 9700 during working hours or by emailing your Event Sales Manager.  If you email us outside of our working hours, your email will be received at 9 am on the next working day.  We will work through your options and update you on the progress of your request as soon as possible.

We will refund any money received from you using the same method originally used by you to pay for your Event but reserve the right to refund using an alternative method.

Getting ready for your Event

Minimum Number of Players:  All Events require a minimum of 10 Players.  If you give us at least 7 days' notice, you may reduce the number of Players attending up to 20% so long as you do not go below the minimum of 10 (this does not apply if you have booked a signature bay).  To ensure that everyone has a great experience and that we are ready to welcome Players, you agree that you will provide us with the finalised Player list at least 7 days before your Event.  We cannot accept name changes less than 7 days before the Event.

Dietary and Accessibility Requirements:  You are responsible for informing us of any special dietary or accessibility requirements for any Players.  This may be communicated verbally but must be confirmed in writing.  You agree to be responsible for any additional costs we incur catering to such requirements. For health and safety reasons, Events with Players who have accessibility requirements will be accommodated on ground floor bays and accessible Event spaces in our restaurant areas.

Eligibility.  Please make sure that all Players are eligible to play at Topgolf.  For more information, see the section Rights of Admission Reserved.  If a Player has never played at a Topgolf Venue, rest assured that we will provide you with instructions on the day of your Event.  Players can also brush up before the Event by viewing our How to Play video.

Decorations, Advertising and Entertainment. All decorations, advertising, or any outside entertainment, including balloons, banners, and signs you wish to use with your Event, must be agreed upon at least 7 days before the Event.  If we have decided to allow decorations, advertising, or outside entertainment, you are responsible for ensuring that all decorations used are used safely, compliant with any legal requirements and disposed of at the end of the Event.  You are responsible for all acts and omissions of any outside entertainment used, and we are not liable to you or your outside entertainment if we cancel the Event as set out in this Contract.  You agree to indemnify us as set out below under the  Liability and Indemnity section.

If we do not receive the information requested in time, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to either cancel your booking or continue with the Event, but in this case, we may not be able to offer you the full experience. If we cancel your booking, no refunds will be given.

The Client and Player’s personal information will be shared internally within Topgolf to (a) prepare bays, (b) ensure that Players are eligible to play Topgolf, (c) ensure our chefs know about any dietary requirements and to make reasonable adjustments for accessibility requirements, and (d) otherwise, in our legitimate interests.  Please see our Privacy Notice for more information on the processing of personal data by Topgolf.

The Main Event

Duration. Your Event will start and finish at times given on your Event Confirmation.   All Events are a minimum of 2 hours unless your Event is for a junior party, in which case the maximum duration is 1 ½ hour.  We suggest that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the time of your Event so that you get the maximum amount of time in the bays.  If for any reason, you do not vacate your bays at the end of your Event, we reserve the right to make a charge. If possible, we will try to accommodate a request to extend your Event, but our ability to do so will depend on bay availability.  If we can accommodate your request, you will be responsible for any additional fees for the gameplay extension.

Late Arrival.  If you arrive after your start time, we shall hold your bay(s) for 30 minutes.  After this time, the bays will be released, and your Event will be treated as cancelled (on a no-show basis).  If you arrive late, your Event will continue to finish at the time listed on your Event Confirmation and will not be extended.

Location of Event. Your Event will be hosted at the Topgolf Location stated on the Event Confirmation.  If you have a preferred bay(s) for your Event, please inform your Sales Event Manager.  We will do all we can to accommodate your request; however, bays are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed unless this has been noted on the Event Confirmation.

Food and Beverage.  All Events are required to meet the minimum spend set out on your Event Quote on a per person basis from our Event menus.  Only food and beverage purchased at Topgolf may be consumed at the Location.  You are responsible for the difference between the minimum spend and if the food and beverages purchased during the Event do not meet the minimum spend.  Buffet quantities are prepared and served based on the final Player numbers that have been provided 7 days before the Event.  Event food and beverage cannot be packaged "to-go" and must be consumed at the Location.  Any unused drink tokens are non-refundable.

Alcoholic Beverages.  We operate a challenge 21 policy.  We reserve the right to inspect the identification of any individual; this includes using scanning technology to verify the authenticity of the identification provided.  We will fully comply with all alcoholic beverage control laws, including, without limitation: (i) requesting proper legal identification of any individual of questionable age; (ii) refusing service of any alcoholic beverages to any individual who is underage or cannot produce, upon request, proper identification; and (iii) refusing service of any alcoholic beverage to any individual, who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of a mind-altering substance.  If any minors attending the Event are observed consuming alcoholic beverages while in our Location, we may immediately terminate the Event.  In such a case, no refunds will be given.

Rights of Admission Reserved.  Due to licensing requirements, some of our Locations cannot allow entry of anyone under the age of 18 during certain times.  It is your responsibility to ensure that Players are old enough to play at a particular Location.  We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone not meeting the age requirements.   We are not liable for any loss you may suffer due to such refusal, and no refunds will be given.

We reserve the right to eject from or refuse admission to any Player deemed in our reasonable opinion to be intoxicated, unruly, threatening, violent or dangerous. 

We reserve the right to refuse entry or gameplay to any member of the public who has previously received a suspension or ban due to breaches of our Code of Conduct or Safety Measures.  It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that you have confirmed that all Players are eligible to play Topgolf.  We are not liable for any loss you may suffer due to such refusal, and no refunds will be given.

If in our reasonable opinion, the nature of the Event is different from the Event details stated on the Event Confirmation, we may, at our absolute discretion, cancel your Event.  In such a case, no refunds will be given.

Code of Conduct and Safety Measures.  All players are subject to the control and guidance of Topgolf and must follow our instructions while at Topgolf.  Players must conduct themselves in a well-mannered fashion when in or about Topgolf and not cause any disturbances or interfere with the safe use or enjoyment of Topgolf by other players.

If your Event includes children under 16 years of age, you must ensure that at least one adult per bay is available at all times during the Event.  We reserve the right to remove any unsupervised children.

You agree and acknowledge that all Players will use Topgolf equipment and facilities safely and follow our Guest Code of Conduct and Safety Measures included with these Event Terms or any other safety briefing or instructions.  You must behave sensibly and follow the safety instructions to not hurt or injure yourself or others.  Topgolf has a zero-tolerance policy towards persistent and/or significant breaches of our Code of Conduct and Safety Measures.  We may terminate your Event and require Players to vacate our premises, including our parking and any other outside area adjoining or forming part of the Location. If we deem it appropriate, we may require only the offending Player to vacate our Location.  We are not liable for any loss you may suffer in such situations, and no refunds will be provided.

Injuries:  You must immediately report any accident or injury suffered in our Location to Topgolf.  We will complete an incident report and process the personal information provided in our Privacy Notice.

Damage:  You agree to pay for damage to our Location, including any equipment provided or any third-party property found on the Location, caused by Player’s careless use of our property and equipment or any other intentional or other intentional or negligent act. You agree to indemnify us as set out below under the  Liability and Indemnity section.

Images.  Images may be captured by our security cameras situated around the Location. Images captured may be shared with government agencies, insurance companies and other professional advisors but only where we have a lawful basis.  For more information on using images captured, see our Privacy Policy. We may ask you for permission to take photographs or footage of your Event.  These photographs or footage will only be shared by Topgolf on our internal employee communications platform to celebrate your Event and will only be published with your consent. 

Memberships.  If applicable, based on your chosen event package, Player’s may receive a complimentary lifetime membership.  Lifetime Memberships are subject to our Location Terms and Membership Agreement.  When a Player dispenses or hits their first ball at our Location, they are deemed to have accepted the Location Terms and Membership Agreement.  You can find a copy of our Location Terms and Membership Agreement on our website. 


Changes to this Agreement. Should the need arise for Topgolf to amend these Event Terms before your Event for any reason other than when an Event is cancelled for reasons related to force majeure, we will provide you with as much notice as possible. If the change is material, you may cancel your booking, and we will give you a full refund.

Use of Topgolf Name/Logo/Images.  You may not use Topgolf's name, logos, or images or that of any other third party connected with Topgolf or the Event (e.g., a supplier) or of the Location in any promotional or display materials (whether a written publication or posted on social media) without our written consent which must be obtained before any production and dissemination. Neither you nor any Players have any rights or interest in any intellectual property owned or licensed by Topgolf. 

You agree and acknowledge that if for any reason Topgolf determines that your use or that of any Player of Topgolf or third-party marks have been used for promotional purposes, including images or videos promoting or encouraging a breach of our Code of Conduct or Safety Measures or otherwise demonstrates a wilful disregard of our Code of Conduct or Safety Measures, we will have the right to take such legal action as we see fit, including seeking equitable or injunctive relief. You agree to indemnify us as set out below under the  Liability and Indemnity section.

Use of your Name and Logos.  If applicable, you agree to provide us with a limited license to display your company name or logo on our gameplay or Event room screens.

Marketing and Privacy.   When enquiring about and booking an Event with us, you expressly agree to us processing your personal data.  Your personal data will only be used following our Privacy Notice.  Your contact details will be added to our marketing database so that Topgolf can notify you of any offers that we think you would be interested in receiving.  If you prefer to opt-out of this marketing, please inform your Sales Event Manager.

Insurance.   Topgolf is a sporting activity where injuries can occur. If a company is paying for your Event, you must ensure you have sufficient insurance to cover any injury suffered during the Event by any Players or any third party who has suffered an injury as a result of the conduct of Players at your Event.  If you are using outside entertainment, you must ensure that any outside entertainer has the necessary insurance (that is general and public liability insurance).  We reserve the right to ask you to provide evidence of insurance held (including that of any outside entertainment).  We may cancel the Event if you cannot provide evidence of the necessary insurance, in which case no refund will be provided.

Liability and Indemnity.  You understand that Players use of our Location and equipment and that participating in an Event at our Location is undertaken at their own risk.  You agree that Players voluntarily participate in activities at Topgolf and use the equipment and our Location and its facilities. 

You assume all risk of injury, illness, damage or loss to you or your property or that of Players that might result, including, without limitation, any loss or theft of any personal property.  You agree that Topgolf, its officers, directors, employees, and agents will not be liable for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of actions whatsoever in respect of you or your property or that of Players (including lost or damaged personal possessions), arising out of or connected with the use of any of the services, equipment and/or facilities at the Location except that nothing in this Contract will exclude or limit our liability for personal injury or death where it is due to our negligence. You expressly release and discharge Topgolf, its officers, directors, employees, and agents from all such claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions, or cause of action and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Topgolf, its affiliates, agents, representatives, directors, officers, and employees from and against any claims (including but not limited to a government agency or third-party claims), suits, fees, losses, liabilities, damages, judgments, costs, and expenses (including reasonable legal fees), arising out of the actions or omissions by you, Players or outside entertainment. 

We reserve the right to require all Players (or if appropriate a guardian/parent) to sign additional waivers prior to participating in the Event.

Electronic Signature.  You agree that this Contract may be executed and delivered by electronic signatures. You agree that the signatures on this Contract, or the Event Quote, are the same as handwritten signatures to determine validity, enforceability, and admissibility.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction. This Contract and any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed under the law of England and Wales and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts.

The Event Terms and Conditions were last updated on 9 March 2023.

Guest Code of Conduct and Safety Measures

Topgolf promotes a FUN environment for all our guests in our Venues. To make sure we can continue to provide a FUN environment in the future, we ask Players to follow some simple guidelines to keep us all SAFE:

  • NEVER step over the red line when another player is taking their shot.  You could be seriously injured.
  • Keep back from the edge.  Hit balls only from the tees on the right or left side of the hitting mat, and DO NOT move the tees towards the front of the hitting mat.
  • NEVER jump deliberately into the safety nets or push others into the safety nets.  There is a risk of serious injury.
  • NEVER lean over the bay dividers.
  • DO NOT step onto the range.  If you step onto the range, there's a high chance you may be badly injured. Golf balls cause serious damage, so always stay within the bay!
  • DO NOT aim for the buggy.  It is no fun for our playmakers who are driving the buggy.
  • NO running starts or horseplay
  • UNDER 16's must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Drink responsibly – don't be the one who ruins the fun for everyone else.
  • As difficult as it might be, please avoid foul language. It upsets some of our players and playmakers.  We want to keep Topgolf a FUN environment for everyone.
  • The only objects we want on the range are our golf balls. Other objects can cause a hazard that could end with someone getting hurt.
  • Please leave our Location in a tidy state and avoid damaging equipment.  Remember that others will be playing after you. Please be respectful to our neighbours when entering or exiting our Location.
  • DO NOT bring illegal drugs or weapons into our Locations. We co-operate closely with the police, and they WILL be informed. 
  • As delicious as your homemade spaghetti carbonara might be, only Topgolf food and drinks can be consumed at our Locations.
  • Our playmakers are a big part of making the Topgolf experience special – any inappropriate or threatening behaviour towards them, or other players will not be tolerated
  • Any violent behaviour in our Locations will not be tolerated and may result in a lifetime ban.  We co-operate closely with the police, and they WILL be informed. 
  • Our playmakers are trained in how to keep Players safe; you MUST follow their instructions at all times.

We look forward to welcoming you to Topgolf soon.