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Corporate Events in London and Hertfordshire 

Corporate events in London and Hertfordshire can help teams and staff members gel and bond, away from the office or workplace. If you need an exciting space for your company’s next work event or you need a corporate event space - why not book your next corporate event at Topgolf? 

With venues in and around London and Hertfordshire, Topgolf is the best place to go for your next corporate event, from team building activities to Christmas parties and work events, there’s plenty on offer at Topgolf for everyone to enjoy.

Why not get the team out, get everyone together and plan your next corporate event at Topgolf? We offer tailored packages, private event spaces, special offers and much more. 

Find the Best Corporate Events at Topgolf 

Get the team together at Topgolf for your next corporate event. We can promise you it’ll be one to remember! 

Whether you’re looking for your next end of year party, a Christmas office party or perhaps a big corporate event to welcome new team members, there’s something for everybody at Topgolf in Hertfordshire and London. 

At Topgolf we make our corporate events fun for everyone. We have it all covered, from team building activities, indoor and outdoor games to food and drink packages to complete your corporate event. 


What Is Included at a Corporate Event at Topgolf?

With many people now working remotely, there’s been little chance to get to know new employees and get together for some fun. Holding your next corporate event at Topgolf in Hertfordshire is a great way to get to know colleagues and team members. That’s why, we’ve made booking your next corporate event at Topgolf easy as can be. 

We offer special event packages for corporate events. You can book a private space for your company and you can play a few fun games of Topgolf with your team. Whether it be a new product launch you’re celebrating, or an annual Christmas party, there’s always room for work events at Topgolf. 

We have plenty included in our corporate events, from private spaces for any company size, to exciting games as well as food and drink. 

You can also take advantage and hire a certified teaching pro for you and your colleagues. There’s even some Topgolf merch you could buy for all the gang to wear and have as a small memory of what is guaranteed to be a superb corporate work event.

Bay Bundles

If you are a small company or perhaps would like to book several slots for employees to play games in separate teams, then our Bay Bundles are a good way to go. Bay Bundles offer your team a reserved bay and can also include special food and drink party packages. 

Bay Bundles are not only reasonably priced, but also mean you can get everyone together to have some fun together. 

Rain or shine, day or night, make your next party or group event more eventful at Topgolf. We offer versatile event catering packages perfect for your next birthday party, company event, or social get-together!

Large Team Games 

For groups of 20+ employees, a large team game works great. Large team games work just like Bay Bundles and we’ll help plan this all for your big corporate event. 

We also offer add-ons, such as Prize Packs and Topgolf Coaches. Whichever games you’d like to opt for, we will guarantee fun here at Topgolf for you and your colleagues, making for a truly memorable corporate event. 

Book a Corporate Event in Hertfordshire

Topgolf has venues located all over the UK including Hertfordshire and London, Surrey, Glasgow, making planning any event in the UK that little bit easier. For corporate events in London and Hertfordshire, we have several venues which you can choose from depending on your location preferences. 

If your company is based in or around Hertfordshire, then planning a visit to Topgolf Watford for your next corporate event might be right for you. Located near the M1, Topgolf Watford is in a prime location for getting everyone to your next corporate event. 


Corporate Events in London

Meanwhile, for those looking to hire a venue in London - we have various locations available. Both Topgolf Surrey and Topgolf Chigwell as well as our Hertfordshire branch if you are in North London are great options to consider if your company is located within London and the M25.

We have great transport links nearby, making Topgolf accessible and easy to get to when considering your next corporate event. You can also request to book private event spaces in all of these Topgolf locations.

Plan Your Next Corporate Event with Topgolf 

Planning a corporate event can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive. However, when choosing Topgolf as your next corporate event space, we will ensure that everything is planned smoothly, fast and at a reasonable rate. 

No matter your company’s size, there’s space here at Topgolf to host your next unforgettable corporate event. All you need to do is fill out one of our online request forms, or alternatively, contact us via phone or email where we can provide more information. Then, sit back and relax and put it in your company’s calendar! 

Get started today and book a corporate event in London and Hertfordshire.