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Team building activities in London and Hertfordshire are a perfect way to boost morale and get your company out of the office for some lighthearted fun. A team building activity at Topgolf can help your team get to know each other better and blow off some steam, whilst having fun.

Topgolf boasts three locations in London and Hertfordshire, making it one of the most popular destinations for team building activities and one of the best team building activities for anyone and everyone. Whether you’re getting together a new company team, or looking to find new and exciting activities for your business to do, Topgolf is the place for you. 

With affordable prices, venues with great locations and games for all skill levels, Topgolf has everything to offer. 

Book your next team building activity at Topgolf today.

Corporate Team Building at Topgolf 

Team building is a key component for any company to build and boost relationships and morale for everyone. Getting employees and team members get together; socialising and working in teams will not only let everyone relax and learn more about each other but it will also help your company’s productivity in the long-run. 

Honing team communication, problem-solving and team-building skills is all made possible here at Topgolf with a few games at our London or Hertfordshire venues. 

Come rain or shine, we also offer team building activities indoors and outdoors for your company. Work hard, but play harder here at Topgolf. 

Why Is Team Building at Topgolf a Great Option?

Team building activities at one of our Topgolf venues in London and Hertfordshire are a great way to get employees together to have some fun whilst promoting cooperation and communication amongst everyone in your team. 

Learn more about you and your colleagues by getting together outside of work in a fun and exciting environment. Forming bonds and connections, while working cohesively, is key to any business and can be achieved through team building activities at any Topgolf venue. 

We offer various golf-based games which are used as team building activities for all types and sizes of companies.


Team Building Activities On Offer 

We offer company packages for all events, from birthdays, Christmas work parties and much more. A great team building activity can act as the glue for the productivity of your company and team and can help improve team communication and relationships for the future.

Team building activities in London and Hertfordshire, at one of our Topgolf venues can help you and your team get out of the office in an informal environment. This in turn can help everyone get to know each other a little better in a non-work environment.

When looking for team building activities, we offer two main options for businesses of all sizes, but we can tailor work events, corporate events and team building activities to suit all sorts of companies of all sizes.

Rain or shine, day or night, make your next party or group event more eventful at Topgolf. We offer versatile event catering packages perfect for your next birthday party, company event, or social get-together!

Bay Bundles for Ultimate Fun

Bay Bundles include a reserved bay, for you and your company team, for two hours. You can also add on some extras to make this the ultimate team building fun - with drink and food packages on offer too. 

Whether you’re visiting us at lunch or in the evening, we have a range of platters available to feed your team. There’s also some desserts (or two) that you can indulge in which are exclusively available with Topgolf’s bay bundles! 

If choosing a bay bundle for your next team building outing, you could also opt for some additional game play and even get a certified teaching pro in for you and your colleagues! 

Reserve a Bay Bundle now for your next fun team building activity. 


Large Team-Building Games 

If your company is a little larger in size, then a large game may be better for you. Offering games for up to 30+ employees, large games are another great option to consider when looking to find fun team building activities in or around London and Hertfordshire. 

When booking a large team game, it works just like a Bay Bundle - except we’ll plan it all for you. At Topgolf, we make booking team building corporate events straightforward and hassle-free - so all you need to do is get the group together and have some fun! 

You could even buy some Topgolf merch as memorabilia for your work outing! 

Affordable Team Building Activities 

Not only will we promise a great time, but we will do this at an affordable rate compared to other team building activities available in London and Hertfordshire. 

For our Bay Bundles, prices range from £96 to £156 for a reserved slot. 

Prices depend on whether you’re looking to book on a weekday, in the evening or at the weekend. Keep in mind that prices are fixed at £156 for all days during the School Holidays; some of our busiest times at Topgolf! 

Request more information here to get started and to find out more about our prices and offers. 

Where Do We Offer Team Building Activities in London and Hertfordshire? 

Topgolf has venues all over the UK, all located in prime positions nearby to transport links. 

If you’re nearby to Hertfordshire or live in the county, then your closest venue is Topgolf Watford. Located just off of the M1, Topgolf Watford is one of our most popular venues for team building activities. 

If you’re looking to book an evening team building event, then Topgolf Watford also only allows adults to attend the venue beyond a certain time. 

We also have two venues located in the North and South of London: Topgolf Surrey and Chigwell. Both venues are also located well, with direct access to motorways nearby. 

Our venues are easy to find and access, making them a great choice for corporate team building exercises for you and your London company.