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Junior Academy Terms and Conditions

Booking and Payments

Without prior payment we cannot secure you a place for Academy lessons. This means we may offer your space to another Junior. All lessons can be booked and paid for at Our Academy sessions are limited to a certain number of Juniors to ensure we offer a safe and high-quality experience.

If you pay for a 6 package of lessons these are valid for one school half term only. Any unused sessions will not be carried over unless approved by the Head of Topgolf Coach UK at their sole discretion. We will take reasonable efforts to offer suitable alternatives if these are available (depending on availability).

To make up for any sessions missed, we offer an individual Junior 30-minute lesson catch up session. These are at your cost but can be used to make up for a session missed and can be arranged directly with your Topgolf Pro or on

If you join mid-way through a school half term, the cost of your lessons will be the cost of a full half term rate, reduced by the duration you have missed.

If you wish to change the day(s) or time of your Academy sessions or move to another Topgolf venue, please contact your Topgolf Coach.

Pre-paid sessions are not transferable to other Juniors.

Free trials/ Taster sessions – Any free trial or taster sessions are strictly at the approval of Topgolf UK Ltd. These are subject to booking and availability. Without booking these sessions you may not be able to take part in the free trial/Taster session.

Topgolf UK Ltd will suspend all pre-paid lessons if a Junior has a serious illness or injury. Suspension of pre-paid lessons is subject to the approval of the Head of Topgolf Coach UK in their sole discretion, having regard to the merits for each individual case. In these instances, we may require medical letters to be sent as evidence of illness and/or injury. Any pre-paid sessions not completed may be subject to a refund, but this is at the discretion of Topgolf UK Ltd.

Every Junior must complete a registration form before joining the Topgolf Junior Academy. Any changes to the information that we request and you provide on the Registration Form should be communicated to Topgolf as soon as reasonably possible by email. It is the responsibility of the Junior and their parents/guardians to inform Topgolf UK Ltd of any changes.

The Registration Form includes photography consent. We will, from time to time, use video analysis to improve the experience in lessons. This will be used for coaching purposes only. Should you reject to the use of photography and video analysis for coaching purposes, you may opt out by writing to your Topgolf Coach at any time.


To ensure our Academy experience is to a high standard of coaching and Junior experience, we ask you to arrive to each session in good time. We ask you to bring suitable equipment and clothing for the session, weather and activity dependent. Topgolf provides golf clubs for coaching sessions which you are able to utilise. We do not have a dress code at Topgolf UK, however to ensure we minimise injury we suggest closed toe shoes for Academy lessons.

At any time, a Coach may ask a Junior to leave an Academy session if the safety of the session is compromised by their behaviour and conduct. If this occurs, we will not refund the amount for that session. If this problem occurs again the Junior may be removed from the Academy altogether and a refund for any outstanding sessions be issued. Readmittance will be at the sole discretion of the Topgolf Coach and Head of Topgolf Coach UK.

All our Topgolf Academy sessions are subject to our Safeguarding and Welfare policies. These policies are available by contacting the Topgolf UK Welfare Officer via email:,, .

For the enjoyment of all involved in the Topgolf Academy all Juniors, Coaches and Guests should be treated with respect. Any form of bullying or abuse will not be tolerated.

By joining the Topgolf Junior Academy you agree to conduct yourself in a safe manner. A safe manner is demonstrated by Topgolf UK’s safety rules which can be found at each Venue and on our website.

If you have any complaints or concerns which your Topgolf Pro cannot resolve, please contact our Head of Topgolf Coach UK privately on the email addresses above and we will resolve the matter.

Topgolf UK Ltd also has the right to transfer the Junior Academy sessions to another Pro in their sole discretion. We will take reasonable efforts to inform you should this decision be made.

Topgolf UK Ltd reserves the right to change these terms at any point in time. We will communicate any changes to your registered email address within a reasonable period of time starting from the implementation of any changes to these terms. Please ensure we are kept up to date of any email address changes so we can continue our correspondence.