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Fast Track Your Way to a Bay

We know that sometimes your time is limited. So that’s why we launched Fast Track for a limited number of slots, allowing you to skip the queue.

Select a location to purchase:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Fast Track does not include the price of games, memberships or food and drinks. Please arrive 30 mins prior to your time slot. If no time slots are available, don’t worry as walk-in Guests are always welcome. Just check the details page for your venue to make sure we’re open. To reduce the wait time and ensure everyone gets an opportunity to play, at peak times we operate a 2-hour play time limit.

Know Before You Go

Skip the Queue

Use Fast Track to skip the queue for a bay, then simply purchase a membership and games when you arrive at the venue.

Limited Availability

Act fast, as we only allocate a very small number of Fast Track slots - most of our availability is kept open for walk-in guests.

Single Bay Only

Fast Track is for a single bay only (up to 6 people, including spectators), and we cannnot allocate more than one bay together. If there are more than 6 in your group, please contact us about our Small Group Bookings.

How much?

The price varies depending on day and time. Once purchased, Fast Track gets your group to the front of the queue and into the next available bay on check-in.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The Guest who makes the booking will be required to be present in order to check in. Bookings do not guarantee that Guests will be provided a bay at the exact time that they selected or arrive on site. To allow for additional health and safety briefings, and purchasing of games and memberships, groups must arrive 30 minutes prior to their time slot. Fast Track bookings are limited to 2-hours or 2-games, whichever comes first. If all bays are full when a Guest arrives, that Guest will be the next in line to receive a bay when one becomes available. If there are already Guests in the queue with a booking, each new addition will then get placed directly behind those Members already in the queue. Multiple bookings made on the same day will be treated as separate, and will not allow for grouping. Reservations may not be redeemed for cash, memberships, or game credit. We are unable to accept gift cards as means of payment for online bookings.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Bookings are refundable up until 24 hours before the booking time. Review the “Cancellation Policy” on your venue’s checkout page. If a guest chooses to cancel their booking after 24 hours before their booking slot, they will not be refunded. The guest that booked the reservation will be required to check in at the venue prior to their booking slot. Within 15 minutes of bay assignment, the guest must be present in their bay with game play started, even if their entire party is not present, or else the booking will be cancelled without refund. Furthermore, if the guest has not arrived on site and checked in by 15 minutes after the booking time slot, then the reservation will be cancelled without refund.

Group inside a bay at Topgolf
Group Parties and Events

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