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Toptracer Technology

Topgolf Powered by Toptracer

The Tech that Powers the Play

Toptracer is so much more than the colorful line-thingy behind the ball you’ve seen on TV. The same exact ball tracer technology is used in our venues to bring all our most exciting games to life. It can make your real-world ball do all kinds of things in the virtual world — like crush jewels, play Pebble Beach, or even turn into an Angry Bird.

Toptracer Games

Our Toptracer ball tracking technology powers some of our most popular games at Topgolf. Whether you’re looking to play some of the most famous golf courses in the world, or you are ready to let the pigs and birds fly, we’ve got the perfect game for you. Learn about each Toptracer game below.

Now Available at Topgolf Fort Worth
Angry Birds

Use the Angry Birds characters (golf balls) to virtually smash down structures, defeat pigs, and earn as many points and stars as possible. Learn more about Angry Birds at Topgolf.

Block Party

Get ready to score big, as the whole outfield earns points. Aim for the targets, or don’t, and keep an eye out for bonus opportunities—wherever your ball lands, you’re in for a high-scoring good time!

Virtual Courses

Experience some of the most iconic golf courses in the world including Pebble Beach, St Andrews, Spanish Bay and Spyglass Hill right from your Topgolf bay utilizing our Toptracer technology. Play 9, a full 18 or just select the holes you want to play.

Closest to the Hole

Take 9 approach shots on famous courses and try to land as close to the hole as possible. Distances from the pin on each hole will be totaled, so the lowest score wins! Be aware that shots into the rough or a hazard are penalized, so hit them tight!

Closest to the Hole

Every Shot. Every Detail.

Toptracer tells you everything you’d ever want to know (or not know) about your shot. Good shots, bad shots, great shots, "where did that go?" shots — it tracks it all. There are several cameras throughout the venue that capture hundreds of shot traces from every bay, every minute.

Closest to the Hole
Ball Speed
This is the only place you won’t get pulled over for driving this fast.
Is your draw a hook? Or is your slice a fade? Who really knows - but it’s measurable.
From moonshots to wormburners, see how your shot measures up (or down).
Hang Time
The amount of time your ball defies gravity before returning to the earth.
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