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Play Safely

Our Commitment to Play Safely

Combining a few laughs, great food, and hours of Topgolf can create some epic memories. So to ensure everyone has a fun and safe experience, it’s important to follow our conduct and safety rules.

Code of Conduct

Topgolf is everyone’s game. We are committed to providing an excellent experience in a welcoming and inclusive environment so we can all have fun together. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind at our venue. Thank you for being courteous and respectful to all while enjoying your time at Topgolf.

Safety First

Family First

Drink Responsibly

Zero Harassment

Zero Violence

Zero Discrimination

Safety Rules

Never Jump or Push Others Into the Safety Nets
Never Jump or Push Others Into the Safety Nets

It is extremely dangerous to jump, or push others into the safety nets.

Never cross the red line
Never Cross the Red Line

Only the person hitting a ball should stand beyond the red line. All other players should stand behind the red line at all times. Players are responsible for the safety of others around them and should always check their surroundings before swinging a club.

Keep back from the edge
Keep Back From the Edge

For your safety, please avoid standing too close to the edge of the bay on the upper levels.

Never step on to the field
Never Step Onto the Field

Remember that golf balls can cause serious injury, so always stay within the bay.

Do not aim for the buggies
Don’t Aim for the Buggies

To avoid the possibility of causing injury to our drivers or to yourself, never aim a shot at our buggies on the field.

No running starts
No Running Starts

Running on the build up to your shot is dangerous. All players must hit from the mat at all times. No running starts (we all loved that movie too).

Under 16 years of age must be supervised
Under 16 Must Be Supervised

Any Guest under 16, or under 18 after 9pm, must always be supervised by a Guest over 21.

Always aim for the targets
Always Aim for the Targets

Aim for the targets at all times - how else are you going to score? Hitting golf balls over the boundary netting is prohibited, and all players are responsible for damages or injuries caused by any balls hit outside of the premises. (Topgolf balls report back to us when they’ve lost their way outside our nets…)

Thank you for being courteous and respectful to all Guests and Associates while enjoying your time at Topgolf. Obey all verbal and posted rules and instructions. Use common sense to protect yourself and others. Topgolf is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

IMPORTANT: We have a zero tolerance for breach of our safety rules. A breach of our safety rules may, in our sole discretion, result in termination of play, and/or termination of your ability to play at a Topgolf in the future.

FILMING POLICY: Only small flash photography cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, and cell phones will be allowed for filming at our venues, but no professional lenses or lenses over 3" are permitted. A gimble to stabilize the phone/camera is fine. No drones or audio recorders allowed. If a professional filming crew or a bigger camera(s) is being brought into the venue, please send your filming request to a minimum of five business days in advanced for review. NOTE: We do not allow drones or GoPros attached to any Topgolf property.

For more information about Topgolf, please see our FAQ.

Covid-19 Measures

Maintaining the trust of our Guests and Associates, and continuing to operate safely and responsibly is deeply important to us. We continue to work with local health officials to ensure we are following the latest guidelines.

Safely-Spaced Hitting Bays
Safely-spaced Hitting Bays

Topgolf is an outdoor and spacious experience for all Guests with 11 feet from tee to tee.

Highest Standard of Cleanliness
Committed to Cleanliness

Topgolf has earned the Ecolab Science Certified™ seal at all US venues. Designed by the experts that help keep hospitals clean, The Ecolab Science Certified

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program requirements help ensure the venue is cleaned throughout the day and common areas are regularly disinfected.

Associate Health and Safety
Associate Health and Safety

We require our Associates to complete a wellness check prior to starting to work. Additionally, all Associates must follow frequent handwashing protocols, per CDC guidelines.

Please remember, if you are feeling sick or have tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that you save your swing for another time.