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Create an Invoice

Via Email

To begin creating an invoice, click on the blue “Create Invoice” button.

Note: Acknowledge PO simply notifies the Spotify contact that you have come in contact/received the Purchase Order.

Note: You will be asked to register for E-invoicing and create a Remit-To if you have not already.

Screenshot of Invoicing via EMail
Screenshot of Creating an Invoice
Via Log In
  • Go to the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) and Login.
  • Click on the Orders tab to view Purchase Orders (PO)
  • Find the PO you need to invoice against and click on the stack of gold coins to the right OR click into the PO.
  • The Create Invoice page will appear
General Info and Form Fields

All fields marked with the red asterisk (*) are required. Attach the PDF invoice.

  • If the Invoice From Address, Remit-To Address, or Ship From Address do not appear, click the magnifying glass to select the respective addresses. If there is nothing to select, you have not completed the E-invoicing setup.
  • The Invoice number in Coupa must be unique and match the invoice number in your PDF attachment.
  • Select the appropriate currency by using the dropdown.
  • If there are multiple invoices for a purchase order, they must be submitted separately.
Screenshot of Create Invoice
Screenshot of Purchase Order Lines
Edit Purchase Order Lines

If you need to delete a purchase order line or you are invoicing against a purchase order with multiple lines, please click on the red X next to the line you are not using (next by the line total amount).

Example: A purchase order was created for the entire year by months and you are invoicing only for March, you will have to delete the other 11 lines to submit the invoice correctly.

Input A Tax Description (Tax/VAT Code)

Next you will adjust the PRICE to reflect the desired billing amount.

  • If there is no code to apply please input 0%.
  • If you select “Misc” under Tax Description, it will cause an error. Do not enter this.
  • Click “Submit” once complete.
Screenshot of Tax Description
Screenshot of Credit Memos
Credit Memos

Go to the Invoices Tab then scroll to the bottom until you see the button “Credit Note”.

Click that button and a screen will appear giving option to “Resolve issue for invoice number” with a dropdown of all applicable invoices.

Once you have selected the invoice to apply the credit note to, you will need to select if the credit memo is for the the full amount or partial amount of the invoice.

Coupa will redirect you to the Credit Notes page where you will need to enter the Credit Note number. If you have a PDF credit note, please attach it to the credit note.

Click “Submit”, confirm the information, then click “Send”.