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Experience Toptracer

Experience Toptracer

Topgolf Like a Pro

Topgolf is revolutionizing the game by bringing you the hottest innovations in golf. Using state-of-the-art technology, Toptracer tracks the flight path of every golf shot and displays it right on your bay’s HD screen.

You can now watch your game the same way you watch your favorite pro golfers on TV. This is Topgolf like you’ve never seen it before. Find out which venues are offering Toptracer technology.

Leave Your Mark

Toptracer shows you everything you’d ever want to know about your shot. We’re talking distance, carry, ball speed, launch angle, height, side deviation, landing angle, hang time and distance to target. All the good stuff.

Earn Bragging Rights

Compete with your friends by seeing who can hit the farthest, fastest, highest, or whatever – with all the stats to back it up. Toptracer also adds a video game-like component that shows looping replays of your shot from a variety of angles.

Watch Like You're on TV

Founded in 2006, over 150 professional golf events on the highest level worldwide use Toptracer including all four men’s major Championships, the Ryder Cup and the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship.

Play Fun New Games

Earn big time points in our latest interactive game Jewel Jam!* With our Toptracer technology, we can now offer virtual environments that allow us to create a whole new set of fun and competitive games.

Transform Your Experience

Come see how Toptracer technology is taking these Topgolf venues to the next level. Plan your visit today!

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